Wednesday, February 12, 2014

RV Blogs with Dogs & We Have Air

I don’t know what got into me, sometimes one just gets these ideas you know.  I’ve seen many a listing for RV Blogs, but how about a list of RV Blogs with Dogs?  In looking over the ones we follow, about 30% of them travel with dogs, so I decided to put a list together.  It is one of the tabs on our website. 


Above you can see the tab link on the far right.  When you click on it, it goes to a new blog site which I have so named, “RV Blogs with Dogs”.  The list currently has just over 30 sites listed.  The list is created as bloggers post their blogs…most current at the top.  Below is what it looked like around 10:45 pm eastern time this evening.


If you know of a RV Blogger who travels with a dog, well just let me know by going to the new site (RV Blogs With Dogs), go down to the bottom and post a comment with a link to the blog site.  This will send me an email, and I will add them to the list.  No comments will be published on this site, I am using comments just to send me an email.


Yesterday the new HVAC unit was installed.  Here they are working up in the attic where the air handler is located.

1b     1c

Above is the air handler….the picture off to the right shows the inside, looking down into it, where the little squirrels live in the squirrel cage.  Must be a whole bunch of them to get that sucker to turn fast enough to get the air to flow through.


And here is the new condenser, aptly named, “Comfortmaker”.  Although they got it going yesterday, they came back to today to finish it up…well, kind of finish it up.  You see, we hit a glitch, of course. 


When our A/C guy named Dean went to get the permit, they told him about how the compressor needed to be set up on the roof.  Well, when we talked to the Condo Homeowners Association (HOA), they said that putting a hole in the roof is not going to happen, and that they had fought this with the county just a few months ago when they re-roofed the entire condo complex.  Apparently the Insurance Company had a slew of lawyers convincing the county that putting holes in the roof was not a good idea.  So we are between a rock and a hard spot, and we are hoping that when they come out to inspect, that we are given a pass based on what went on just a few months ago….after all, they (HOA) should have brought everything up to code when the re-roofed.  Well, there’s always something….


  1. All I can say is "what???". No holes in the roof? No vent pipes? No chimneys?? I know this is Florida but, really? Good luck! I've got a county "rules" post coming up next myself.

  2. i'm not quite up to date on blog reading. What is this all about?
    I love that you've made a page for the dog bloggers. We are many. I'm looking right now for a dog to replace my wonderful Bella who was hit by a car in Guatemala over a year ago. There's a little Shih Tzu almost ready to leave her mom. We'll see.
    I'm at Sam Houston Jones State Park in Lake Charles, LA - with a horrible cold. My friends Nancy and Doug are here but I've spent almost every minute in bed. hope today will be better.

    1. Our heat pump went out at the condo, it was 20 years old, so the entire unit needed replacing. When we went to get a permit for the job, they wanted the compressor, which is up on the roof, attached to the joist under the roof deck instead of on a concrete pad which it has been on for 30 years now.

  3. Gotta love politics! Hope all goes well with the inspection.

    I love all these people who have dogs. They are like grandchildren...they come to visit and get a treat and sit for while , then they go home!! I have the best of both worlds:)

    1. Yes, I have seen how friendly you are to the pets who come by and visit. I totally understand how some people don't wish to be "tied down" with a dog due to their want/need to go out and explore as you two do.


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