Sunday, December 29, 2013

Prescott, Arizona


Our drive this morning from Yucca to Prescott was much prettier than yesterday morning’s drive through Central California.  Hardly a cloud in the sky, and a striking image of the mountains meeting the blue sky.


Before we turned onto highway 89 down to Prescott, we got a good look at the San Francisco Peaks mountain range near Flagstaff…some 60 miles away.


This is our spot at Point of Rocks RV Campground in Prescott.  It is a Good Sam park, we are staying one night, and it cost us $28.  Not too bad. 

3a     3b
3c     3d

Here are just a few of the 90+ sites in the park, with about half of them up against the “Rocks”.  It is a peaceful park, even Skruffy didn’t bark as her, Bubba and I walked around half the park and encountered three different dogs.  I just kept telling her to be a good girl, and she was!  I know it won’t last long, however….I think she is just trying to earn points hoping we will take them back to Arny and Sandy’s house, and for another visit with Grandma and Papa. 


Here there are after a “hard days travel”, as if they had to do anything but sleep during the drive anyway.  Beyond Skruffy, between the two seats, you can see Bubba lying there, with a close up of that below.


We are here to visit with my friend Roger, who we visited last year too.  He and I started at the Pine Bluff Library on the very same day, January 7, 1991 if I have my dates right.  After a little over two years of working under the Boss from, ummm, I think you get the picture, Roger moved on to Fort Smith to work at their Public Library for a number of years.  About 10 years ago he moved his family to Prescott where he was the Assistant Library Director, until last summer when he was named Library Director.  Lucky for me the guy who hired us was asked to leave in August, 1993....and I took his place and was the director for the next 19 years until I retired last year.

We had dinner with Roger, his wife Sue, tonight at the Prescott Brewing Company across the street from the County Court House. 

The County Courthouse is all decked out for Christmas, this is just a portion of the entire block which surrounds the courthouse.

Tomorrow we move on to Phoenix where we will fill up with gas, get Propane, and then mover to McDowell Mountain Regional Park, site 43, for four nights.  It will be a nice place to stay while visiting Joyce, and a safe hide out during the wild New Year's Eve celebration.


  1. The views are so much nicer in the west as you travel. I love being able to see so far away. I am not a fan of travel in the east.

    Enjoy McDowell. Can't wait to finally get there. Maybe next year!

  2. Beautiful pictures of your drive and the lights. Skruffy seems to be the very definition of relaxed.


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