Saturday, December 21, 2013

First Day of Winter


Even in winter the trees are so magical when you take the time to look at them.  This Aspen tree, owned by a neighbor behind my sister’s house, at quick glance can be easily ignored.  But as you watch it through the day, the white bark shines and glimmers from the suns rays, and at times can look very surreal.  Of course, capturing that with a camera is a bit more difficult, but if you look closely you can see some of the branches shinning so much brighter than others as the southern sun hits the bark.




The progression from early fall to first day of winter.  This tree belongs to the neighbor directly behind my sister’s house.  Back in early October I thought I would take a few pictures over the next few months to see how it changes.  In the first picture you can hardly see the trunk and branches, while in the final picture you can hardly imagine the leafs which use to adorn these branches.  The middle picture?  Well, that is the tree showing off its gorgeous side…..



And with winter, it gives us photographers an opportunity to capture things which we could not have done before with all those leaves hiding every-day activities which surround us.  Note:  you can just see the tip of the shed in the pictures….earlier in the week I saw a squirrel jump down from the tree and it misjudged something because it bounced off the roof and landed on the ground below.  Skruffy, who was on Squirrel patrol, did not see it because the trunk of the squirrel tree blocked her view.  It only took a few seconds for the squirrel to shake off the fall and jump up onto the fence and continue with its journey…and thank goodness those few seconds were not deadly seconds….just don’t know what I would do if I saw a squirrel hanging out of my little Skruffy Dog’s mouth….


Here is the best shot of Skruffy on Squirrel Patrol, hiding under the from of the motorhome.  She keeps constant look to the left, right and up for Squirrels which might be running along the ground, or are low enough in the tree.  But when the squirrel fell off of the shed, which is to the far right along the fence, the tree blocked her view…thank goodness.

Tonight we plan to do the traditional drive looking for Christmas Light Displays.  Hopefully on Sunday we will have some nice pictures…although getting pictures driving along at night is not always the best for taking pictures…but that doesn’t mean I can’t try. Winking smile


  1. Great idea to take photos through the months of one tree. Neat to see the change.

    Poor Skruffy is going to have neck cramps from patrol duty. But good know you are protected!!

    1. Oh, I think our "ears" will give out from her barking before her neck gives out....she sure is cute under there thinking she is hiding from the rest of the animal world.

  2. Enjoy your ride to see the lights...a family tradition we had when the kids were growing up. Such fun and a stop for hot chocolate before going home!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. It is really nice to look more closely at nature and observe a single spot throughout the year or throughout the day. Thanks for the pictures and the reminders.


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