Saturday, April 6, 2013

Afraid to "JINX" the deal, but just can't wait any longer to yell it out....

The house has is under contract at least.  We will know in a few more weeks as all the paperwork goes through the bank, the appraisal, the inspections, the loan.....but it is looking very good.  The young couple (mid-30's) with two kids (boy and girl) had a pre-approval letter, which is good, but no guarantee...however, his mother has signed onto the loan too, so we just feel that financing is not going to be an issue.

All of these pictures were taken by the real estate agents (Dennis and Sarah, both faithful followers of our blog.) Above and below are pictures of the house, with the motor home parked in the driveway.  Below they caught the pretty flowers around the mailbox, and doesn't that lawn look so green and lush?  Well, it is a very green, full and lushly lawn. 

Above you can see the front door and walkway, below you can see the kitchen table and in the background is the walkway pictured above.
Below is the family room...when they took the above picture they were standing just in the family room.  When they took the picture below they were standing just this side of the kitchen table.  In the picture above, the doors to the right lead to a bathroom (far right but not shown) and the master bedroom (picture shown later).  In the picture above just left of the table is the kitchen, and just to the left of the giraffes is the living room.  Below is what use to be a covered patio, now a nice family room.  And yes, that is BUBBA laying on the green couch, oblivious to the camera and our company.
Below is the open living room, taken from the front door area.  The wicker couch and chairs will fit just right in the condo's covered and screened in patio area when we move over there.  The hall entry opposite side of the room leads to two bedrooms (not shown) and another bathroom (shown later), and a closet for linen or for more kitchen items (we keep our crock pot, large pans and other kitchen items, along with towels, in that closet.
Below is the kitchen.  Behind the wall that the fridge is on is the living room, and the hall entry 
opposite side of the room leads to those two bedrooms (not shown) and the other bathroom (shown later).  Bottom right in the picture is a island, with the walkway and kitchen table just out of the picture to the right.  There is a dishwasher which cannot been seen, and a nice, large pantry area behind those french doors just before the hall entryway.

Below is the master bedroom.  This use to be the garage, but was closed in many years ago.  There are two nice closets, and in between the closets a nice place to put a dresser with a TV on top of it, all of this just to the left in the picture out of sight.  In between the kitchen and the bedroom is a laundry room along with a exit door to the side of the house.  If you look out the window you can see the front of the motor home where you can just make out the "Eagle" emblem showing through the bra of the motor home.  The green chair on the opposite side of the room came out of the motor home, replace by the computer table and a chair, which Marcia uses while we are living in the motor home.

Below is the bathroom which is by the two bedrooms.  The tub was refinished by us just a few months ago, as was the grout on the tile wall.  The other bathroom by the master bedroom does not have a tub/shower like this, it just has a shower (no picture shown). 

So, it is a nice house, and one would wonder why we would want to sell it.  The answer is fairly simple.  We plan to be traveling up to 18 or months starting in May.  Who knows how long we will gone the next time (2015).  We own a Condo, which we have rented out, and we feel much more comfortable having our belongings in a Condo than in a house.  We told our tenant that we would not renew his lease, so he will be out by the end of April  We owe on the Condo, we own the house this will allow us to pay the condo off.

Now, for the rest of the Paul Harvey use to say.  On Tuesday the house went up for sale through the normal MLS posting (multiple listing service).  We had signed the contract with the Solos Monday evening.  By noon they had it listed.  By 2 pm we were doing our first showing.  At 5:45 we were doing our second showing, and while that took place, we had a "cold show" from a realtor who had a young man who works at Target over in Orlando in her car....he wanted to move back to the area and Target will transfer him.  Normally we do it by appointment only, and we leave the house with the dogs...but under this situation, we allowed them to see the house after the 2nd showing was done and they had left.  In the meantime, Sarah calls and tells me that the first showing made an offer...but it was not a good offer.  I walked through with the third showing, and we all talked for a long time before they left.  Once they left, we went inside and called Sarah and Dennis.  While going over the first offer, she says, "Oh, I think another offer is coming in....I will call you back."  Sure enough, she calls back and the second showing is offering us nearly our asking price, with out any exceptions (the first one wanted our washer and dryer, and other strange stuff).  So after our lawyer approved of the contract, and the buyers decided to add his mother to the contract, all got locked down this morning.  We've had other showings through the week....but to have three the first day, two offers, and not even having a for sale sign up in the front yard was really something.  

Now, as long as I have not JINXED it with this blog posting.....Oh, it is going to be nice to be back on the road again....

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  1. Wow! That is awesome to have an offer so quickly. I guess what they say about the housing market coming back is true. Of course, we sold our house at the worst possible time. But, then, we bought our MH then for a steal. So it all balanced out. Hope all works out so you can get on the road.


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