Friday, March 29, 2013

What do Dogs do all day long?

One thing I miss about not traveling is not blogging about all the places we have seen.   We have continued to be busy over these past few weeks getting the house ready, and  on Monday we meet again with our Realtors and hopefully they will be showing the house to a throng of buyers.....  So today, and because I know that those who have met them are interested in how they are doing, the main subject of this blog will be Bubba and Skruffy.  (In other words...some of you all don't care about how Marcia and Dave are doing, but you gotta know what the dogs are up to.)

The dog day begins the night before where they rest up after a busy day for another busy day.  Oh how nice it must be to sleep as they do...especially Bubba who can sleep so  soundly that he literally can snore louder than us.  There are also the times that he talks in his sleep....or should I say, he makes sounds like a very muffled faint bark or yelp.  And then there are the few times in which he has let out a squeal that can awaken the dead...but it does not awaken him.  Thank goodness that those are few are far between. 

Above Bubba is on the couch and Skruffy is on the chair.  Most of the time they are both on the couch together, but on this night Skruffy got on the chair....perhaps she was a bit intimidated by the way Bubba was laying down in the center of the couch (below).  Dogs must get a good nights sleep if they are ever to catch that dreaded squirrel.....
The morning starts out with a quick run outside, followed by a quick run back inside and the demand of their daily Arny Treat.  If I am lucky, I have our coffee just about ready by the time they come back inside...unless it happens to be one of those rare mornings in which one of them asks to go outside before the crack of dawn.  Of  course, if one goes, they both go, and then we all lay back down until at least the sun is starting to light up the sky.  And for the next few hours, it is a little more sleep, and a lot  of looking out the window awaiting the squirrels to arise.

Above Bubba looks out between the curtains, below they both are looking out.  It is about 8:45 am.

Above they are both still looking is closer to 9:00 now.  Below, Skruffy has given up, it is just after 9:00.
 And Bubba (below) is laying down but still looking is about 9:30.
Then someone decides that "dad's" lap looks comfortable....
Many mornings, the little girl will sit on my lap looking out the window as I finish up my coffee while I watch “I Love Lucy”and/or “Daniel Boone:on Me-TV, our favorite over the air TV station.
Then it is the start of many day tours of the back yard in search of prey....I mean  Squirrels....and of course, a quick hello (BARK BARK BARK) to the neighboring dogs.  These pictures speak for themselves....just remember, that during this time period the squirrel(s) are running along the fence, sitting in the tree, jumping on the utility building, and laughing out loud at the great hunters below.

They went out around 10:00, and came back in a little after noon.  They went out again at least 3 more times before dusk...and in between, they do this (below).
By night fall....they are exhausted and after their 10 or 11 pm quick trip outside.....they are back in the reclined position again for the night...dreaming about them pesky, sneaky, no good squirrels that laughed their tails off at the two mighty hunting dogs.

We have much of the house and all of the outside ready to go....since we spend most of our time in the den, bedroom and kitchen areas, those areas will be cleaned up Sunday and Monday in case the Realtors want to take pictures when here on Monday.

Outside view (above) is much like the one shown a few weeks ago...except now you can see the flowers around the mailbox, which you can see better in picture below.

 Above is one of the bathrooms.  We had the tub and the surrounding tile grout resealed.  Below is one of the bedrooms, empty now that Marcia's son John moved out in mid-January.
 Below is the other bedroom, which we used as a office room.

 Above and below are views of the living room.  The two bedrooms and the bathroom shown previously are accessed through that hall entrance, but also through the kitchen which is right behind the display case shown below (you can barely see into the kitchen through the far left of the picture.  (In the picture above, just to the left of the chair, you can see Bubba looking at me taking the picture.)
In my spare time, I managed to rent a Rug Doctor and clean the carpets in the 
motor home and the carpet and upholstery in the car.  I started other spring cleaning 
items in the motor home too.  We have a little over a month to get everything ready to 
leave, and to hopefully find a buyer for this house.... We can't wait to get back on the road again...


  1. Thank you, Dave and Marcia, for listing my blog as one you follow. Great post! Love seeing canine antics . . . Sue

    1. RV Sue has one of the best blogs around....her style of writing and how she encompasses her dogs into nearly every posting, and especially her sense of humor. Highly recommend others to read a few of her blog will be hooked too. --Dave

  2. Thanks for joining us and adding us to your sidebar! I thought I would skip on over and check out your blog.

    I love the post on the dogs. This is how I get my dog fix by reading and visiting other peoples' dogs. So much easier!!

    When I asked my husband where Palm Harbor was in FL, he immediately knew it by the golf tournament! We are golf fans.

    Good luck with selling that house. We were on the road for 9 months before ours sold.

    1. Oh how I wish we were in Moab area now instead of going through this house sale. Love your blog, great pictures....glad to feature it in our "The Blogs We Read" --Dave

  3. We love dogs and RVers with dogs! We meet the nicest folks at the "bark parks". We travel with 4 rescue pups and have been on the road now for 20 months. Haven't sold our Sticks and bricks yet....our daughter lives there with hopes to buy next year!

    Looking forward to following your travels...

    1. Rescues are the best! I'm going to have to find the time to read about your travels on our "good-times-rollin" blog (/, and will be on the look out for 4 lucky rescues traveling down the road.


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