Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Rained on our Parade


Did I ever tell y'all that just don't like dealing with certain type of situations?  With the purchase of the new Motorhome Van, we have had THE GREATEST salesperson, which is why I was so glad we did not have to deal with a new dealership.  Well, all was falling into place until I called the loan officer at our credit union to see how everything was sitting.  He said that the loan had been fully funded, and all should be fine.  I asked if he had talked to the business manager at the dealership to let him know the status...of which he said, "No, but I would be glad to call him."   About 30 minutes later, we get "THE CALL".  The first business manager was off, so he talked to an equal level manager who happened to have worked there about 10 years longer.  He insisted that they will not release the vehicle until all money had been received by them.  The Credit Union won't release the funds until Title has them listed as a Lien Holder.  What can we do now???

Johnny Cash Water Tower, Kinglsand, AR  2022

Although we felt like we were receiving the fall out from the vandalism at the Johnny Cash Water Tower, I suggested that perhaps we could still go over there today (Tuesday, a good 90 minute drive) and sign all the paper work, pay the rest of the down payment, and go through orientation and final walk through. Then, go home without the motorhome so that even though it technically is now ours, they would have not released custody so technically they can register the title with the credit union as the lien holder and still be within "Company Guidelines".  The credit union will FedEx the check.  Then we could take possession of the motorhome.  

Many a young lad has seen who can 'do it' the best

The "P" war would be over between the two companies, and we would get our new travel home.  Moments later the 'seasoned' business manager called and layed out the above scenario as if "he" came up with it and asked me if that would work out...I said "OK".  Marcia did not sleep well at all, I slept a bit better than normal. (what's up with that???)  So as we finished signing our life away, well...at least the next 5 years of our lives, the guy says, "Would you like us to deliver the motorhome when it is cleared?"   Yes, we said...that will save another trip through all that traffic.  THAT even pacified Marcia, so all is well...yet we are still motorhomeless...

Since we have done so much RVing, the orientation centered a lot on the electronics.  That is going to be a learning ordeal even for this techie.  And talk about advancements in driving...it has Lane Keep Assist.  Turn it on, and start getting out of your lane, it was beep, it will pull you back, and it will spit on your face just in case you fell asleep.  A GPS which shows up on the dash and on the large screen between driver and passenger.  If you need a rest area, just push a button and say "Rest Area" and it will show you a list of upcoming rest areas.  It is going to take awhile to learn all this monster can do...but the good thing is, you don't have to activated each component. 

As of now, our fingers and paws and crossed that we get our new motorhome van REAL SOON.


  1. That's crazy ... surely this has happened before. What did they do then? Well at least you will get it delivered. I'm so excited for you, and yes, the computer screen in the camper van is crazy complicated, but I know you can do it. I have to admit, I'm liking the camper van idea more and more.

    1. The dealer we are doing business with has been in the Tampa area nearly 10 years...but "they say" they have never had a loan go through our Credit Union, which originally was founded in 1935, currently has over 1/4 million members, with assets over over $2 billion. Sounds strange to me, but ... Even yesterday, AFTER I turned over the check for our end which totaled $60k, the business officer wanted to know if I wanted to change my mind and finance through their loan company. I looked at him like, "You already have the check in hand..." [you idiot]

  2. Well, at least it ended well, but what a hassle. That was vandalism on the water tower? Sorry, but that is hilarious!

    1. Yes, the guy that 'shot Johnny" was convicted about a year later...can't remember if he served time or not...it hit all of the Regional News, and in some cases National News when it took place. And yes, it was a bit funny.


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