Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Phase One - 170 LONG MILES


So WHY is 170 miles "LONG MILES"????  Easy question, not so easy answer.

Got up at 7:30 am.  A little after 8 I went over, with nearly our last load of stuff, and brought the motorhome, with car in tow, back to the Condo.  By 9:30 or so, we were on the road.  I had accomplished just about everything I wanted to do before we left, working on it a day at a time for the last month.  (Not every day, but just about every day the past week.)  At our old storage place, they had RV Wash Stations, and that was nice...otherwise, parking it right out our back door is ideal.  But after 6 months, it needed a wash, so over to the Blue Beacon on I-75 near San Antonio Florida we went.  With the Flying J next door, we got her washed, got gas, got the waste tanks emptied, and it was already noon!  South a few mile to a rest area and it was time for a quick lunch.  Then it was 3+ hours of busy highway driving over to the Cracker Barrel.  Remember, it is Spring Break here, and Snow Bird Season, so it is busy.

About 90 minutes after arriving at Cracker Barrel and we got nearly everything "in its place" for the trip.  Got dinner to go from Cracker Barrel, and here it is just after 7 pm and we are nearly ready to crash!  Will spend much of tomorrow with Marcia's brother Dean and wife Caryl, and then Thursday we start the long trip out to California.

Almost forgot...Indy was very very possessive the past few days, snuggled up to me on the couch a lot, would not let me out of her sight if she could control things.  When I went to get the motorhome this morning she moaned and groaned...like we were going to leave her or something!  Told her we would be seeing Sandy, Arny, Mom and Patti, along with her cousin Parker and neighbor Jack...she would tilt her head as if she was thinking about it.  I think she is going to LOVE being back in the backyard again...


  1. Indy is very perceptive and knew something was going on. It is interesting how dogs can sense that!

    1. She sure is. Now she is watching to see if she has to stay in motorhome when we leave, or is she invited too.... (of course she is)


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