Wednesday, November 30, 2022

B-Day, Thanksgiving, Misc Stuff


Yep, enough said about that one....

Marcia and I had a nice Thanksgiving Dinner, just the two of us.  No, we did not have turkey, I made a Standing Rib Roast, and it was a perfect medium rare, and tasted real yummy.  Local grocery store had it on sale for $9.99 per pound, and we had five dinners out of it.  Next year I get to celebrate Thanksgiving and B-day on the same day!  Did not talk to my kids on Thanksgiving since we all talked the day before...all is well with all.  Mom and Patti went to Sandy and Arny's and they all had a great Turkey meal.

Our Hurricane Season comes to an end today.   

Projection for 2022 was: "The outlook from NOAA is for 14-20 named storms predicted this year, with 6 to 10 of those becoming hurricanes and 3 to 5 major hurricanes. That would be an above-average season if it happens as predicted."   

Actual for 2022 was: "The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season saw an average number of named storms, a slightly above-average number of hurricanes, a near-average number of major hurricanes and a slightly below-normal Accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) index. Despite this, it became one of the costliest Atlantic hurricane seasons on record14 named storms, eight hurricanes and two major hurricanes — Fiona and Ian"

So, the predictions were pretty much spot on, though the major hurricanes fell short.

Indy and I made another visit to Crystal Beach while Marcia attended her Woman's Bible Study, but I forgot my camera, and got this one with my cell phone.  A lady walked by with two smaller dogs, and Indy just had to watch them all the way until they got out of sight.  Marcia did skip one Bible Study the week before ... just one of those 'getting old' type of things.  Not sick, just not up to going out.  (That picture was taken Monday, today [Wednesday] I gave her another hair cut.)

Mom called Tuesday and said that a lady who lives at the Assisted/Independent Living facility had her car 'jacked' when she went out to drive away.  She did not get hurt, they got away with the car, and I could not find ANYTHING about it on the news.  Makes you wonder just how many of these type of things happen each day that 'we' don't know about.  Want to see some amazing stats from Chicago, visit here.  Below is just a sample of the information found at the site.

Chicago Year To Date
Shot & Killed: 610
Shot & Wounded: 2747
Total Shot: 3357
Total Homicides: 672
Carjackings: 1420  
Carjacking Arrests: 94

Wish they had a site like this for all major cities...

Interesting developments with our RV Storage site.  They cut that tree way back, they lined much of the parking lot, so they are getting ready to actively store more RVs, boats, utility trailers and vehicles.  So now we get a lot of shade, under an acorn tree (some type of oak tree), and as time goes on, more 'neighbors'.  I always wondered why they did not capitalize on this before.  At $125 per month (for my size), this will give them 40-50 more opportunities to rent more spaces...that's a bunch of money!  Over by our Walgreens Pharmacy they opened a lot up for storage two years ago, and now it is 70% full.  

Next week Marcia is seeing an eye doctor about a possible cataract that is really starting to affect her vision.  

On Monday Marcia asked "I know November 28th is a special date, do you remember why?"  Reminder her that it was the day that Dad passed three years ago.  When I dropped her off at Bible Study she said, "See you later."  I replied, "Okey Dookie", a term that I rarely use...but one that Dad used frequently.  I had used it earlier in the morning too...subliminal I reckon...


  1. I would eat more beef, but turkey is cheaper!! Obviously we don't want to live in Chicago ... and we know why!! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Marcia and Indy. I'm glad the hurricane season is over!!

    1. True a Turkey would have cost us around $20 for a good size Butterball, and I love (LOVE) turkey, Marcia not so much so...we both like Prime Rib, and a standing rib roast is pretty much near to being a Prime Rib.

      That Chicago site has stats going back nearly 10 years...what a dangerously evil place to have to live.

  2. Happy birthday! Those Chicago stats show how little they care about crime with only 6% of car jackings resulting in an arrest.

  3. Last month grandson and girlfriend moved from Evanston near Chicago to near West Palm Beach, FL. She took a job transfer. They offered Los Angeles or Florida. Thinking she choose right. So glad to get out of Chicago area.

    1. Florida vs California...yep, Florida is so much better. Lower taxes, nicer people, less crime, more freedoms. Nowhere is perfect, but I have lived in both places, and this is SO MUCH better.


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