Saturday, October 15, 2022

Motorhome Brakes, Gas, Hurricane Update


With everything getting back to normal in our part of Florida, it was time to get some major work done on the motorhome.  As we were coming out of Colorado this summer, our front breaks started squealing.  I decided to make it home since the HHR was not operable at the time, and did not want to get stuck in a situation where we had no transportation and the motorhome in the shop for a day or two.  We did make it home...but the evacuation due to the hurricane was very dicey as the breaks were metal to metal by that time.  

Not knowing where to take the motorhome around here, although there were many of the 'national' chains to choose from, I went to the local Napa Auto nearby and asked them.  I found that the folks at Napa always are so helpful, not just here but in Sacramento too.  The head guy did not hesitate in his recommendation...."Wrey's Auto Service", and the other two guys shook their head in approval.

The picture above is one I found on the Internet which depicts Wrey's Auto.  I left Napa and went over to talk to them.  Garvin, the owner/manager, immediately gave me his attention.  Impressed that I had the VIN # of the motorhome, he knew exactly what he was dealing with.  He asked his son, Jason what day he wanted me to bring it in, and Monday was the day.

Now with the HHR we used Joe's Auto/Curtis Transmission, and they are good...but to get the motorhome in there is near impossible.  At Wrey's, it was a piece of cake.  The shop is situated behind a Marine Sales/Repair shop on Wrey Road, just off Grand Blvd.  There are a few different businesses back there, including a Septic Service.  But once you are off Grand, there is little traffic to deal with, although I wouldn't want to bring a Class A motorhome back in there...but I am sure there have been some.  

Bottom line, they replaced the rotors, the calipers, new break pads, re-packed the bearings, and new brake lines.  After nearly 20 years, the left front brake line had swollen, and was not releasing the caliper as it should.  

Yesterday we drove up to Spring Hill, about 25 miles, to visit with our friend Ginger who lives about 28 miles north of there.  The brakes worked like a charm, and suddenly the motorhome is not as loud as it was.

Gas is still the cheapest at Sam's, running $3.159 as of Friday.  There is a Wawa near us which is easy to get in and out of with the motorhome, and it was $3.399.  I remember in March 2020 paying $1.999 per gallon!  Times they are a changing...will the madness ever end.

Quick Hurricane Update

Around 2.7 million customers (representing about 7 million people) lost electricity due to the Hurricane.  Within 7 days, 2.4 million customers had their service restored!  As of today, around 13,000 are still without power...and many of those places need major repairs or total replacement before it can be restored.  Pine Island Bridge was reopened, though only for emergency travel, within 5 days.  The Sanibel Causeway reopened three days ago for emergency travel.  Both of these bridges/causeways lost access roads to them, totally demolished.  Just under 100 people died in Florida due to the storm.  For the most part, we have heard nothing buy praise by Floridians for the hurricane relief...a great tribute to the state, feds and private businesses.  No pictures provided...I am sure everyone has seen the destruction on TV and all over the Internet.   Thank goodness, no sign of any more storms so far headed our way.


  1. Brakes are rather important ... glad you got them fixed. Fuel prices certainly are cheaper in Florida than here!!

    1. I am just glad we have found a GOOD place to get the MH fixed when/if needed, AND have a second place to take the car if the first place is too busy. And "IF" we ever decide to move down to a class-B, and "IF" it happens to be diesel, this place does do diesel engines too! (But I think we are going to hold onto what we have for a few more years before making that type of move)


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