Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Long Drive Today - Lennox South Dakota

We started off this morning early, on the road by 8 am.  Yes, the sun is just coming up around 8 am, and I am not going to drive in non-sunlight because the Deers are jumpy, and I "HOPE" I have hit my last deer in my lifetime...having hit one between Little Rock and Pine Bluff back in or around 2007.

Indy getting her early morning air again, and again, and again, and late morning air, and early afternoon air...I think you got the picture.

We sure like looking at the trees...fall is in full force in the Dakotas, and soon the cold air will be moving in.  So down south we head.  Nearly a 400 mile drive today to get to Lennox, South Dakota.  Countryside Convenience Motel and Campground was our target, and we pulled in at 3:15. 

Thirty eight camping spots, of which 25-30 seem to live here full-time.  Although it is along I-29, and there is a gas station/convenience store, it is quiet enough that I am sure we will have a good nights sleep.  Last night in Dawson it was very quiet, except for a train or two which passed through the town about 3 blocks away.

Although there is this nice play area, I have yet to see any kids.  I think they need to put a doggie park in instead of a play area.  😁

Which reminds me, we stopped at a TA Travel Plaza on I-29, and they had a doggie park.  On left is Indy, and on right is Bubba, and YES, the doggie park was that big and had grass...lots of grass.

We are here for the night, then off to Kansas City area for a 2 night stay at the Blue Springs Lake Campground.  We have to make some decisions because the Gulf has a huge surprise in store...

Hurricane Delta came to life and quickly grew into a Category 4 storm.  Above is the storm's predicted path as to Tuesday night, but a lot can change in the next 24-48 hours.  So we will watch things while in Blue Springs and decide what to do by Friday...which is when the storm is predicted to get close to landfall.


  1. Yikes ... that's a LONG day driving. Indy does seem to like her air! I did love the Blue Springs Campground, but not the tornado warnings every hour, nor the ticks. Holy cow ... watch your puppies. The ticks were most awful!!!

    1. We have been here four or five times now, and have not seen ticks...but we camp in the middle sites around the grass and stay away from the long grass/bushy area that the outer sites have around them.

  2. Looks like a nice spot and hopefully it has cooled enough you won't be bothered by the Ticks that Nancy mentioned.
    It will probably be wise to slow down until Delta passes.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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