Saturday, February 29, 2020

Three Weeks Fly By -- Valintines Day, Anniversary, Repairs

Yes, it has been just over 3 weeks since my last blog posting.  Sometimes I wonder what to blog about, until it gets to the point that there is so much to blog about...

This is a picture of our display case last night with all our light out except for the display case.  We have added a few things to the case...especially this...

...a Rose in Glass which is wrapped with Warm White LED lights.  Marcia did not want flowers that died, so I got this to celebrate Valentines Day and our Anniversary which is about 10 days later.  You know, a few years ago I awoke in March and realized that I forgot to celebrate our anniversary...and she forgot to.  Well...lightening struck twice.  On Monday Marcia has a special exam at the Dermatologist due to a 'growth' which turned out to be nothing...but it worried us and she called Friday and they saw her on Monday.  Earlier that week we had talked about what we might have for our 9th anniversary dinner.  By Monday, all thoughts of that vanished and by Tuesday, our day, it was gone from memory...until I woke up Thursday and started laughing.  "What are you laughing about?", Marcia asked.  "Our anniversary!  We both forgot our anniversary again!!!"  (At least the rose under glass was still there...)

I also ordered a couple strings of LED Fairy Lights, and some USB cords so that everything could be powered up.  The display case with all the lights is on a timer, coming on at 5 pm, turning off at 11 pm.  Gives us a warm feeling each and every night.

The first repair which was desperately needed was re-caulking around the fiberglass cap on the RV, especially on the slide side.  This was a two day, 8 hour project, and we had a huge rain the other day and the leak we had along the slide was gone.  I need to do the other side, but the awning makes it difficult without actually getting up on the that will have to wait until we get to Sacramento area where I feel more comfortable getting up on the roof.  That side looks to be in pretty good shape, but it just needs to be re-caulked.  I ordered two tubes, and used one, so I have plenty to do that side and the front and back too.

A couple of years ago I pulled up the carpet where the slide out covers when it is in, and put down Carpet Squares.  Although it took a number of days to pull up the original carpet and prepare the floor a few years ago, to replace this same area now is fairly simple...pull up an old tile, put down a new one.  Bought two boxes from Home Depot for about $75, the same style as last time.  Over two days, about three hours each day, I replaced the carpet.  Using some left over from last time, I only used one box, so the other one will be taken back to Home Depot for credit.  Heck, for what I paid for, I couldn't have rented a shampoo machine with cleaning chemicals for much less, and this looks so new again.

Meanwhile, the fluorescent light in the Guest Bathroom started acting up...looked like it needed a new ballast, a type which is not easy to come by now days.  So I did the same thing I did in the Master Bathroom and also in our kitchen...I put in a LED shop style light.  The hardest thing was working in the small space over the sink / toilet area while standing on a step stool.  Thank goodness this was our last light system like this, and these LEDs are suppose to last for many, many years.  Sure nice having lights come on immediately when the switch is turned on, and not a 2-4 second delay, flicker, flicker, flicker as the fluorescent started up.

I have groomed Bubba a few times since we have been home, and have taken him to the dog park a few times, and make sure he gets his treats a couple of times each day.  Bubba turns 17 this year, and he is really showing his age.  He has a heart murmur, and sometimes he has this cough which will last a few days, especially if it is hot and humid.  With the cold front going through this past Wednesday, dropping our temps back down to the 60's during the day and high 40's at night and low humidity, he has been much better these past few days.  But then he hurt his leg yesterday jumping off this chair where his bed is on, taking a big awkward slide as he hit the floor.  Didn't cry out, but was limping real bad. So his bed is not relegated to the floor, although he keeps looking for the chair before remembering there has been a change.  Two baby aspirin last night gave him a good nights sleep, and is better today.  Oh ya, the maintenance man caught me giving Bubba his afternoon break out back the other day.  He drives his golf cart up to me and asks, "So, I guess things are all settled now, huh?"  I said, "I have not heard ANYTHING from ANYONE, but I figured no news was good news."  He went on to tell me that the lawyers told them to back off immediately...would have been nice to get a letter or a 'knock on the door', but they chickened out and asked Ken to tell me next time he saw me.  I wondered why he was driving around our backyard a lot this past couple of weeks.  

Well, that just about wraps things up, doesn't cover everything, but covers the major items that I can remember.  Two more months and we are off again on another trip...details to follow 'one of these days', probably not soon though.


  1. Carpet tile ..... now THAT'S a great idea!! Yes, seems there is always something to fix. Once you get the roof caulked, you should be good for awhile. The rose is gorgeous with those little lights. I have those battery operated candles on a timer in my living room. They sure make it nice in the evening. Can't believe Bubba is that old. I put a chair cushion on the floor for Cooper. He loves it!

    1. I first ran into "Carpet Tiles" at the Little Rock Public Libraries. Of course, theirs is a industrial strength carpet, but if one got ruined, they can pull it up and put another down. They, however, had a carpet cleaning machine, but for our little motorhome, this area that is heavily used, and carpet squares work out real nice for us.


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