Friday, January 3, 2020


90/90...  yes, near 90 degrees, and at least 90% humidity!  WHY do we have to pick a day like this to  come home and unload?????  I am so tired I can't even set up my computer!   But we are 95% unloaded, and RV is safely in storage, but in need of washing, carpet cleaned, etc, etc.  Condo was/is in fine shape.  Neighbor Mary still alive and doing well...and we are happy to have another year of travel behind us...but something is missing for sure.  Our MINDS tell us it is right, our LOGIC tells us it was right, our HEARTS tell us that we want our little baby girl back.  Had a dream about 5 days ago, opened the RV door and there she was, rolling on her back in the muddy lawn...she quickly rolls up onto her feet like she use to, her coat of fur was immaculate, she looks up to me and I see what she is thinking...."See dad, I can run...I can see...I have no pain...I don't get stickers or thorns to worry about."   Oh I miss her so very much....the condo seems so empty.  Of course, Bubba has his moment...escapes through the front door very first chance he gets and gets halfway out of the complex.  Reality slips in...a new service dog takes over, one that needs a bit of work....but he is 16+, so we will need to be looking....

ZZZzzz...until tomorrow...or the next day....


  1. Glad you Safely made it to the Condo.
    It will take time for the pain to ease.
    Enjoy your ZZZs.

    It's about time.

  2. Glad you made it safe and sound. Let the training begin!!

    1. Bubba is 16+...just how much training do you think Bubba is going let us do??? lol

  3. Replies
    1. Of course we ALWAYS feel at home in the motorhome too...but it is nice to be able to not worry about Black Water, Grey Water, etc. etc.

  4. After time of the road, sometimes it is so needed just to chill and relax. Oops.... at 90 chilly does not seem possible.


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