Saturday, August 3, 2019

AUGUST Already

At Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Sailsurfing Pistol River

Another week under our belts here at Huntley Park…time is of no consequence.  I have taken over 200 pictures this past week, ALL of which you will have sit through and ENJOY!  Well, I'll narrow it down to just a few.  We have had three sets of neighbors on our driver’s side, and the absentee fisherman on our passenger's side.  The second set on the driver's side was a couple of Engineers from Santa Rosa who LOVE to windsurf.  They told me they go down to the Pistol River area where there are many other people windsurfing and kitesurfing, so I went down there for a drive hoping to grab some good pics.  WELL, unless I wanted to hike down this steep embankment down to the beach and around some large rocks, I would have to get my pictures from way above. In the picture above, I don't know if this is one our neighbors or not.

This picture (above) is a shot of three kitesurfers, also called kiteboarders.  They actually get air…saw one guy headed out into the ocean, went up on an incoming large wave, was in the air and landed on the next approaching wave.  Being so far above them did not provide the shots I wanted, I did not hang around very long.

This is one of the views that I enjoy here, looking out at the river.  You can see a white trailer being pulled down the road on the other side of the river to the right in the picture.  We only really hear an occasional large log truck go by.  When our third set of neighbors came, Linda and Calvin from Coquille near Coos Bay, we were all sitting out talking and meeting each other, and I saw a deer on the far bank just the other side of that rock island out there (the dead tree stump covers a bit of the island).  That is the first time we have seen any large wildlife here at Huntley, although we have seen them along the highway between here and Gold Beach, or up by Lobster Creek.  Wish I had my camera with me that evening.  Our new neighbors are going to be here at least a month, and they have been coming here for over 20 years...they remember when it was free, when the bathrooms were pit toilets, when the water was through a hand pump, and when the showers was jumping into the river.  They know lots of people here.

Lots of birds fly by all the time, and occasionally you find a kayaker or paddle boarder floating by.  Of course, the Jet Boats are a daily routine…you get to the point that you don’t notice them anymore.  Besides, they may be a bit loud, but it only lasts for a moment…unlike the generators that run in the morning and late afternoon.  However, even the generators have not been that hard to handle.

This is another view that I enjoy in late afternoon.  It gives me a good vantage point of two Osprey nests, and I know there is another in that mountain of trees, which is on the other side of the road from Huntley Park.  In the afternoon some of the Osprey fly cover way up in the air.  At first I thought these old nests were vacant…but the one on the right definitely has one or more juvenile in it because I see one spread its wings now and then, but it is not flying just yet.  A pair of adults come and go with food, and one typically is always in the nest to thwart off any attack which may come.

Above top is the nest on the left from where I sit, and the above lower picture is the nest to the right where you clearly see two Osprey.  Earlier I saw a crow standing almost in the same spot as the Osprey in the top picture is…which leads me to believe it is an empty nest…no eggs or juveniles inside it.

I ‘should’ always take my camera outside with me when I sit…but sometimes I am not alone, and it is hard to have this beast on my lap and take pictures at the same time.  If I let her lay on the ground, she gets all sorts of leaves, stickery things, and dirt all over her…so I don’t do that anymore.  Being in the shade, and not facing the sun, she sees people walking by, and gives a short deep groan…but if they have a dog, there is no stopping her from letting them know she is there.

On Tuesday we had been here a week, so it was time to head to town with the motorhome and empty our holding tanks.  After that, we took Highway 101 up north about ten miles to Sisters Rock.  It was a lovely day, and below are a few more pictures we took on our journey back to Gold Beach.

Smaller rocks near ‘Sisters Rock’

Looking South towards Gold Beach

Looking north towards Port Orford

Rogue River meets Ocean and Fisherman

We have had cool sunny days all week, with a bit of overcast coming in around 4 pm on only one day, which required about an hours worth of engine time to be sure the batteries were charged.  Friday is laundry day, with bedding done the first week, and the rest of the laundry done yesterday.  Internet for the most part has been adequate, but it does slow down now and then, especially between 5-8 pm, and it is sporadic during the weekends. Keeping ourselves entertain in the early evening until midnight by watching Amazon Prime movies and TV shows.  We thought we would stay here until August 20th, and then go back to Loeb…but we might change our minds and stay here through Labor Day and then go back to Loeb for a few days before heading back to California.


  1. You guys certainly picked a pretty and interesting place to spend the hot summer days!

    1. A few years ago they use to allow camping along parts of the Rogue for free...but recent laws changed that. There are a few boondocking options, one of which is a large pullout along the road about 2 miles west of Huntley...I have seen one van in particular there for 4 days now. There are more above Lobster Creek bridge, but no Internet.

  2. I'm so jealous. That country is just beautiful any way you look at it. I'm sure the jet boats are not as loud as trains! Great picture of you and Skruffy. For the same reason, Cooper doesn't get to sit outside often. He growls at everyone and everything.

    1. It is so nice...the people, the natural A/C, the scenery, the peace and would love it, but no power...definitely need to have some solar or willingness to use generator. Guy next to us just hooked up his solar, $150 from Harbor Freight for 100 watt portable system. You would need more for sure with your set-up.


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