Friday, May 24, 2019

Checked Out & Checked In

At sister's house in Citrus Heights

Sutter Roseville Medical Center

Dad checked out of the hospital...feeling LOTS better than he did when he arrived Monday.  Pain is better than when we four went to dinner last Friday...but his strength is still a bit low.  Which is WHY ...

Pine Creek Rehab

...he checked in at a physical therapy skilled nursing facility.  How long, we don't know...long enough to get his strength back.  This is the same facility mom was at with her hip surgery back in 2014.  Dad and I picked this place for her, and Sandy and Patti picked this place for dad this time.  They do have good reviews...but none of them match up to the quality of the hospital...Sutter Roseville is a real good, friendly hospital.

In the meantime...Patti broke her foot while down in the Santa Barbara area this past week.  I'm afraid to post pictures...she is now wearing a boot.


  1. Oh no!!! Sending good thoughts for Dad. I hope he's up and around soon. And Patty ... there's nothing worse than a broken limb!! I hope she heals up fast.

    1. As you know...when it rains it pours. Patti was helping a friend move down south, she doesn't know how she twisted up and fell, but she did a number of that foot. Dad should do fine in Rehab, hoping he is stronger than when we got here a few weeks ago.


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