Sunday, July 1, 2018

YIKES! Another Fire…

At Huntley Park near Gold Beach, OR

Lobster Creek Fire, ten miles away

Last year our travels were plagued with fires…and today another fire popped up real fast.  About 2:30 we heard a few sirens going by…they seemed to police, figured some people up stream got into a fishing argument or something.  At 4:00 I hear the Camp Manger here at Huntley Park talking to a Camp Host about a “fire”, and I got up and walked over to find out more.  Yep, a fire at the Lobster Creek 4H Park.

Lobster Creek Fire in relation to Huntley Park

Now this park is about 10 miles away from the fire as the crow flies…the winds quickly moved it from 30 acres (around 4 pm) to 300 acres (around 8 pm).  The winds are starting to die out (it is 8:30 now), and they are on this bad boy like a mother spanking her wayward child for lying about and steeling candy from the supermarket.  (oops, I guess moms can’t do that anymore…it sure worked back in my day…not saying I ever stole candy from a supermarket…honest mom, never did).   They have 4 single engine tankers and 2 helicopters and a number of men and bulldozers hitting this fire as we speak…I mean, as I write this blog.  Huntley Park is going to stage a camp for some of the fire fighters…last time this happened the fire fighters worked in 12 hour shifts, working the fire and resting at the camp in rotating shifts.

Helicopter headed for Lobster Creek Fire

Caught this picture of the helicopter taking a bucket load towards the fire…it was headed towards Gold Beach (also got a pic, but this one is better) about 20 minutes earlier.  Could hear the planes now and then, but have not seen them.  They will be flying out of Gold Beach Airport.  No word on how it started…but the camp was hosting a large 4H camp for 3rd-5th graders…all were evacuated to the Calvary Chapel Church in Gold Beach…which is affiliated with our Calvary Chapel back in Florida!  Will keep you all tuned in, and will try to update via Facebook as much as I can.   My Facebook Page    GoingRvWay Facebook Page


  1. Yup .... that was my question. Who at the 4-H camp started the fire????? Hope they get it out quickly!!

    1. Still no word on "who", but they have said it was human caused.

  2. Yikes! Hope you don't have to move!

    1. After the scare from last year's Chetco Fire in this area, where people had to evacuate and some homes were lost all because the State allowed a small fire to burn for over a month without even dropping anything on it from the air...just to have winds blow it up from under a hundred acres up to a 200,000+ acre fire...well, this Lobster Fire was treated as if it was a huge fire. Only burnt 450 acres now, it is lined and 15% contained, has not grown for 36 hours, and they have over 700 people fighting it. Quickly moving into a mop-up stage now...bottom line, we are in no danger. Thanks


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