Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hurricane Update … All is Well

Citrus Heights, Ca – at Sister’s House

Duke Outage Map

The electric company is working feverishly to get power restored … heard that there are 3.5 million (or more) without power…which in Florida where September temps are still hot and muggy, it makes life pretty hard to deal with.  Pasco County, which is technically where the Condo is located, has over 1/3 of their customers without power…which is about half of what it was this morning.

Duke Outage Map

Pinellas County, where our PO Box is located, has nearly 311,000 customers without power, about 55% of their customers.  That figure is down from over 70% as of this morning.

Our neighbor Mary made it home today from the shelter…power was on, and no damage to anything in her condo.  She said that one of the car ports lost its lid…no sign of where it blew to, no other damage anywhere that she saw. 

Marcia’s brother Mike and wife Sandy dropped by the condo today and said all was well…except for the hurricane evacuee who was living in our back covered and sealed patio area.  “WHAT” we said.  “Oh, it was just a little lizard….” was the response.  LOL

Mary, Marcia’s 84 year old cousin who lives just a few miles from us, is not as lucky with her power.  We told Mike to let her know that she can move into our Condo until her power is restored…all Mike would need to do is turn on the water, turn on the hot water circuit breaker, and bring a chair into the living room that she could sit on since we gave our couch and two chairs to Marcia’s son after the house they were living in burned down back in late April 

Have heard from everyone now…some don’t have power, everyone is safe and sound and we don’t think anyone has had any damage to their property.  Others, however, are not so fortunate…they are in our thoughts and prayers.

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  1. Yup, it sure affected lots of folks. We have two couples staying with us here in Northern Alabama. One couple from Avon Park, the other from Sebring. They are still without electric and have concerns about the fuel situation.


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