Saturday, March 18, 2017

Week-long Sickness

A week ago today we moved back into the condo after having the new floor put in.  We were sick…we are still sick.  Well, make that Marcia is still sick, I am doing much much better. 


This is the type of cold that holds on to you for a long time.  Yes, I still cough sometimes…but for the most part, that is all over.  As for Marcia, each day now is getting better…since yesterday…which means today is better than yesterday, but yesterday was as bad as last Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc. 

LibmanMop      LibmanMopHead

Thursday and Friday were fairly productive on my part.  One of the reasons we wanted to get rid of the carpet was due to high dust within the old carpet fibers.  Multiple vacuuming did little to rid the dust.  With the carpet gone, I dusted the ceilings, the walls, corners, just about every place one could think of.  Even though I had cleaned the ceiling fan real real good back in November, it was dusty as could be again here in March.  Friday, with the dust gone, it was time to clean the new floor.  We decided upon the Libman Freedom Spray Mop because the cleaning pad (top right) can be washed and used over and over and over again.  One can use the cleaner of their choice, which you put in the attached tank.  We put one part Vinegar to around ten parts water.  The floor was vacuumed with our Rumba, and it took about ten minutes to clean it with the Libman.   The hardest thing was trying to find a Lowes that still had one in stock.


Watching church from home again Sunday…although the coughing and sneezing are starting to subside…they do hit either of us, sometimes both of us, from time to time.  Heck, would hate to let out a big sneeze and wake everyone up!  Winking smile   


Got a copy of Skruffy’s Test results.  When we left Alaska, her liver tests were essentially “off the charts” but falling.  Happy to say, all of the liver tests now show she is right smack in the middle range.  HURRAY!!!   As for her diabetes…we had a Fructosamine test done, which is a blood test that is used in animals to measure the average level of glucose control over the past few weeks.  A reading of 300-400 is good…she came out at 331.  The vet said that her diabetes is very much under control.  HIP-HIP-HURRAY!!!!  The blood test monitors over 40 different things, and only 3 or 4 items are barely over normal, and one was barely under normal.  The vet said that for a 9 year old girl, she is in great shape.  And to think…nine months ago Dr. Meezie said those frightening words…”IF SHE MAKES IT THROUGH THE NIGHT”  If one needs to be reminded just how sick she was, read my post, Skruffy’s Last Bark?”…guaranteed to bring on the tears….


  1. As much as I like carpeting, I can agree that it is really hard to get out the dust. And as for overhead fans, that is always a challenge. Good health to Skruffy! (And the humans in the house too.)

    1. Thanks Phyllis...each day is getting better for us humans, and Skruffy is doing amazing!

  2. Hurray for no carpets!! Although I have to say I probably clean less with the hardwood floors, even though they do get just as dusty!! My cold cough lingered for about two months. Hope yours goes away quickly!!

    1. You should hear Skruffy's little feet on the floor whenever she gets excited...we think Fred Astaire is haunting our little place!


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