Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentines Day, Countdown to Alaska Begins...again

Marcia's Flowers for Valentines Day

Last year 18 Roses and a box of chocolate, this year 24 Roses…and both times Marcia was surprised as heck.  Like last year, I had the flowers delivered a few days early.  This time it was a Thursday delivery.  I was headed out the door to see about getting our HHR interior and exterior its annual super cleaning on Friday and a quick stop at the store.  At the door was a delivery of some of her vitamins, and then I see the Fedex truck drive by.  Sometimes they deliver things to our neighbor by mistake, but he breaks, turns around, and drives back.  The lady three doors down had a flower delivery too, and he did not realize our place was so close.  So I walk in with the flowers, and the only thing that makes her face look happier is holding that new Great Grand-baby…


Love 1800flowers…their flowers are fresh, last a long time, and delivered quick.  Wednesday night they left Miami, and about 18 hours later they are delivered to our door.

Marcia and Flowers

Well, there is the recipient right there…wondering why I am taking so many pictures of the flowers, and just realizing that she is in the picture too.  Winking smile

Skruffy   Skruffy

Someone else gets her feelings hurt as she looks over at the flowers, and then refuses to look at me.  A nice rib bone from Longhorn Restaurant would make her happy…but we go out last night to Mama Maria's, so that didn’t help (until she got some leftovers this morning for breakfast.)


I hate the look…where is Bubba when you need him??

The Countdown Begins..
We leave on our next trip in 32 days … heading out after church on Wednesday, March 16th.

It will be nice to be back out on the road, seeing friends and family, and seeing some wonderful parts of God’s Green Earth, put here for our use and enjoyment.

And for the third year…yes, we are putting Alaska at the top of our agenda.  Plan to cross into Canada in late May after a month in California, and some time in Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, etc.   And this time I feel we are going to make it there and back…after all, what could go wrong????



  1. Whoa, nice flowers. I love the mix of colors. Much nicer than standard red.

    1. Yep, they give that option, and I agree that the various colors works better.

  2. This is going to be the year when everything goes right! :-)

    1. Yes, I think it is. Worse case is that we only get to Stewart-Hyder area, which means we were enjoying the Banff/Jasper area too much. :)

  3. I pray everything will go well for you, this year! Blessings...

  4. Third times the charm they say:) I know this is your year:)

    1. Yep, I think you are right...but we all know that none of us have full control...

  5. Pam is right...this is your year!

    1. We sure are counting on it. And with gas prices and Canadian exchange rate, it sure looks real good, now doesn't it?


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