Thursday, January 7, 2016

Church, Vet and Mama Maria’s

Randy and Kari, picture taken off of Facebook page

Our two favorite missionaries are home for the Christmas Season from Kenya.  Randy leaves next week, so this past Wednesday our Pastor turned the service over to them to let everyone know about their experiences in Kenya.  They have an amazing story which for the most part follows the story “Teach a man to fish….”  In this case, they have taught a group of men who use to be the town “Drunkards” into the community “Chicken Growers”.  They have enough chickens that they produce about 1,400 eggs a day, which they sell.  They use the money to fund their chicken buisness, and to help the people in the community.  Next, they hope to re-start the coffee growing buisness, with high interest from the area’s land owners.  Here is their website which I help update from time to time, even when we are on the road.  Her laptop went out on her, so I have been working on putting a new Windows 10 laptop together for them which I gave them on Wednesday…lessons to follow because Kari will be here another month.

Vet Office - Skruffy and Bubba, taken with cell phone

Each year while we are home in Florida we take the doggies to the Vet for annual shots and checkups.   Good news, Skruffy has dropped a half of a pound, (I was hoping for a full pound), and Bubba is within two tenths of a pound from last time, (that boy can eat anything and never gain weight).  The bad news, the vet “thinks” she is starting to hear a heart murmer in Bubba.  We are going to give it another year to see what she thinks next time.  Bubba is eleven years old, and is showing no outside signs of any problems. 

Vet Office - Bubba, taken with cell phone

Bubba just does not like the Vet or the Groomer.  Both places cause him much panic and pain.  He really is a bit wimpy when it comes to getting his nails cut, getting shots, and the worse thing, having a stick stuck up his um-mm, rear end.  Here he is AFTER the stick thing…he was just panting and panting.  At least he doesn’t pee all over the office like he use to do.

Mama Maria's, picture from their website

It took us awhile, but we finally made it back to Mama Maria’s Greek Cuisine in Tarpon Springs (on Alt 19 highway, not in the sponge docks, that’s not the same Mama’s).  As we are eating I remark, “Why is it that we cannot find good Greek food while we are traveling?”  No place makes the Avgolemono Soup like Mama’s does.  Had two places that were close…which means they were an 8 while Mama’s is a 10.  Most places the Avgolemono Soup is more like a 4 or 5.  Avgolemono Soup is basically an Egg Lemon Chicken soup.  Most places it tastes like watered down egg with small bits of chicken and very little lemon…   Of course, at Mama Maria’s there is a whole range of items on their menu, and 3-5 specials each day too. 
Mama, picture from their website

And of course, there is always Mama looking over the kitchen operation.  Mama lives close to the restaurant, walks back and forth twice a day, and this remarkable lady is in her mid-80’s.  Both of her sons help, one in the afternoon, the other at night, and some of her grandkids work there too.

Thats All Folks
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  1. Warms my heart when I hear folks being helped along to become self sufficient. Good job!

    1. One interesting aspect of this is that the guy who use to sell the moonshine to the guys is now in charge of selling all the eggs and is out of the moonshine business.


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