Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tale of the Amazon Package

Slow Cooker Bags

A few weeks ago my sister Sandy introduced us to Slow Cooker Liner bags.  She had cooked a pulled pork in her Crock Pot , pulled out the bag and didn’t even have to wipe down the slow cooker (although she gave it a quick wipe down), we were sold.  We like the Crock Pot when we have electricity…but the mess is sometimes hard to deal with (too much water use to clean it fills up the grey tank).  Now it is going to be so easy, and very little water usage.

Amazon notification

I placed the order on Friday, and with Amazon Prime that means it would come on Sunday.  It was being shipped via USPS.  A little before 4 I got my text notification that it had been delivered, went out front and NOTHING….it was not there!  My online notification said “Your package was delivered. Please look in your mailbox or wherever you typically get mail.”   It also gave a USPS tracking number.

USPS notificaiton

The USPS site said that it had been delivered, and left on the front porch.  With mom and dad just two doors down, I thought maybe it got delivered there instead…but no, it was not there either.  Nor was it at either neighbor’s house.  There are only nine or ten homes on the street…I just couldn’t understand it.

Can't find it link

So I clicked the “I can’t find it” button, doubled checked the address (we have had many things delivered here in the past four years), and then pressed the “Still can’t find it” button.

Still can't find it link

Well, that did not help much…even tonight (Monday night) it is giving me the “It still may be on the way…” message.


We have a LARGE family…most of it on my mom’s side.  She was one of eleven children, dad just had one brother who we called “Uncle Red” due to his red hair.  Although he is no longer with us, Aunt Flo and their eight kids are.  Uncle Red’s first wife died back in the ‘60s after having four kids.  Uncle Red married Aunt Florence who had three kids…they solidified the family by having an eighth child.  One of the younger boys’ wife works with a lady who also lives on the same Court as my sister and my parents.  She called dad this afternoon and said that her co-worker had a package delivered to her house on Sunday which was meant for them…and that she would drop it by after she got home. She probably didn’t even see it until she was leaving for work this morning. Now how crazy is that???
Postman Dog Delivery
Why the postal worker delivered to the wrong house is beyond me….the address was very clear on the package, and the addresses are not even a close match.   Unless the postal worker heard about how Skruffy actually touched a squirrel yesterday and it scared them???   Don’t worry…Squirrel got away totally undamaged, and Skruffy seemed to have a bit of a strut in her walk the rest of the day. Yep, I think that scared the postal worker away….


  1. You wonder if he was just having a bad day or if that's a regular occurrence!

    1. Don't know how they can have a bad day on a Sunday when they get paid double for working...but maybe that's just me....

  2. I'm happy the person who received the package was honest, and gave it to you! Blessings...

    1. Hard to understand why the Postal Worker didn't not drive four housed down and deliver to the correct address, and we were blessed that the person was honest, and that they worked with my cousin's wife, that is for sure.


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