Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bubba Visits for Hair Cut


Oh look at that boy…he needed a hair cut real bad.  Last time I gave him one near the doggy park using an inverter in the car, with him in the back of the HHR while I sat on Marcia’s GoGo, but the inverter was not strong enough to use the high setting on the clippers.  So we decided that a quick visit for a haircut and a bath (well, shower with dad) was in order, so after church tonight that is what we did.


Now that is so much better. Unlike Skruffy who seems to enjoy the haircuts, Bubba is a bit indifferent about it….more of a “When is this going to be over?” attitude.  But after about 90 minutes, it was over, he was clean, and the one thing he really enjoys is being rubbed dry with the towel.


I cut Skruffy at the end of last week, and it is nice having them together, clean and groomed, and we can’t wait until winter is over and we can all be together traveling again. (Of course, they are sitting awaiting their "treat" which I held over the camera.)  And yes, that is Marcia looking on in the upper left corner of this picture above.

As you can see, one of them (Bubba) was like, "I ain't going to wait for this treat, I am going for it!"  (I know you are laughing Arny.....)


I have been refining our Alaska trip, bookmarking possible RV parks, checking other people’s blogs to see how early we can head up there and not hit too cold of weather, and refining the route a bit as to where we take he motorhome with the HHR in tow, and where do we just do day trips in the HHR.  Dogs have had their shots, although Skruffy still needs her county license which is due in March, and Marcia is nearly done with her Doctor appointments…just three more to go, mainly for authorizing refills of her drugs which are basically due to the MS.


And I have just a few more minor items to deal with before we have the motorhome ready to hit the road …. along with one major repair which we plan to have done in Sacramento (we hope...still need to make that appointment).  On our way home from California we lost the outside door light cover, and found that the light just needed to be replaced.  Unfortunately, the way the wiring was set up, I had to put the light on upside down, which cuts down on the amount of light available. I had no ladder, and no wire, so that was something we were taking care of here in Florida.  (We are taking the ladder this time, which will be carried in the car when we travel, and stored under the motorhome when we are parked for extended time periods.)  I also want to clean out our exterior storage areas and figure out a better way to store a few items down there.  There are a few other things too…probably should write these things down.   (LOL)


  1. Bubba is looking spiffy!! All polished and shiny:)

    I'm sure are having a great time planning for your Alaska trip. It's not too far away now!!

  2. They look GREAT!!! Cooper doesn't like clipping either ... he just tolerates it.

    1. I think "tolerate" is a good term for Bubba too. You sure look like you are enjoying your winter down in the SW territories.


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