Friday, July 18, 2014

Out with the Couch, in with the Recliners….errr!


Our couch once sat here in the slide out.  It was also a fold-out bed, although I don’t think anyone could sleep on the bed with that thin mattress for more than a night.  As I mentioned about a month ago, we ordered two new recliners from Lazyboy.  Well yesterday was delivery day…and tomorrow will be delivery day too…because only one was on the truck, the other got left back at the warehouse down in the L.A. area.  Anyway, I will wait until both are in before I take a picture.  


In the meantime, we are having an issue with a few of our windows.  Here you can see the opening mechanics.


We have five windows that open like this….this one is open “all the way”.


This black “gadget”, for lack of a better term, runs along this guide.  But we have one window which has broken “gadgets”, and finding a replacement, or a total replacement of all the opening hardware, is a challenge.  We are still in communication with Dynamax, and sent pictures today, but this may not work out either.  Arney tried using two small washers, but they just bind up so much, and now we have another window which has one broken gadget that runs inside the guide.  At least the washers allow for the window to stay locked, while the other window is loosely locked since only one side is still in the guide.


Mom finished up her rehab yesterday…walked with her PT over to my sister’s house and back, causing another sleep period like the one I photographed previously.  She is doing real well, and we are all so happy that much of her pain is gone, although some might question about that pain in her lower bottom exterior that lives in a motorhome next door, also known as her PITA youngest son.Open-mouthed smile


  1. Oh that's crummy. I'd have been so excited to get my new chairs only to have to wait another day! Darn! Did they take the sofa away or did you sell it? Hope those windows can be fixed, were they that way when you bought the rig? LOL at your mother who is rightly tired and I assume your father who must have tired himself out cheering her on.

    1. Yep, after spending all morning getting the sofa out, only getting one chair was a bummer. As for the sofa, we took it apart, got it out, and put it back together again. Sis is having a yard sale on the 2nd, and we hope it will sell there. It is in good condition, and could be used inside an apartment or house even though it is for a RV.

  2. Thinks the recliner idea is good. I adore mine, and am sure you'll both enjoy yours! Blessings...


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