Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quick Escape -- Rain Delayed Visit


Wednesday we had a “last minute” desire to get away….this was at 3:30.  So I packed up some dry food, some clothes, went and got Bubba while the Service Dog performed her service with Marcia, and got the motorhome.  By the time we got back to the condo with the motorhome and packed, we had time to get over to the church for Wednesday night bible study, and then off we went. 


Our target was these rest areas just south of Tampa along I-75 for the night, so that we were close and within easy early hunting for a spot at the E.G. Simmons County Park, part of the Hillsborough County Parks System.   We pulled into the southbound rest area around 10 pm, and found that they had truck parking, car parking, and “truck & RV” parking.  W-T-Heck? Truck and RV parking!!!!  I drove right through and went 8 miles to the next exit, did a U-turn to head us North (on the northern bound lane, of course) and pulled into the northbound rest area.  Truck parking, car parking and RV parking!!!!  YES, RV’s get their own area to park in…although a few quiet trucks joined in with the three RVs that stayed the night.  And, we were now headed in the right direction because once on the Interstate in the morning, we take the first exit for EG Simmons, which was 10 miles away. 


Oops, someone forgot the check the weather, because it started to rain and rain early in the morning.  Now they do not take reservations at EG Simmons, so you have to be there “early”.  We got there at 9:15, and we were told we were the 5th ones in line for the known three spots that had to open up due to the 14 day limit….but others had paid up through today, but with the rain, and yes there was lots of rain, many of those were extending for a day because they were still under their 14 day allotment.  We drove down the large parking lot at the beach area, and got online.  I found the Hide-A-Way RV Resort, a Passport America park where we can stay for two nights for $52.  EG Simmons would have cost $36 for two nights with the senior citizen discount, so what’s another $16?  And this park has sewer and Internet…but no views and privacy.

2a   2b

As we left EG Simmons, I asked when the best time to come in is….they said Sunday, Monday and even on Tuesday…but you need to be early.  So we will try again…this time we will check the weather first.  However, there are advantages to raining days…..


Boy, that Bubba sure can snore….it is nice having Skruffy and Bubba together with us again.


And a special happy birthday to my oldest, Michael.  Hope UC Berkley is treating you ok….nearly have the first year behind you son….sure proud of ya.  (don’t forget to call you mom)


  1. We're almost in the same neighborhood! How long are you staying at Hide-A-Way - just until Saturday morning? We're at the Cracker Barrel at exit 220 on I-75. We were planning to see the Royal Lipizzaner Stallions training session today but, as you know, it rained so we're going tomorrow.

    Have you ever stayed at Lithia Springs Park Campground? It's nice and it's easy to get a site there. No ocean but there is a spring.

    1. We will be here until Saturday morning. Never stayed at Lithia Springs looks like it is part of the same county park system as EG Simmons, probably not as busy though. We might be back at EG Simmons in two weeks, can't next week because Marcia has a Dr. Apt mid-week.

  2. It certainly did rain today, didn't it! Glad it moved on rather quickly and we only lost one day. Hope you get into the park!!!

    1. We will get into EG Simmons, but it will be a few weeks away, once we are in we will stay for 5 or 6 days.

  3. There are actually 3 county parks in Hillsborough county. They all have the same rules. Might be easier to get a spot at Lithia Springs or at Medard. Good quick punt! Glad to know about the rest stop rules. Were the trucks in the RV area bothersome? They are often very noisy and leave very early. I sure hope the truck area was full and that's why they joined you.

    1. The trucks that were in the RV area stayed at the one end away from us RVers. I think the cars which pulled into our area instead of their area were more bothersome...talking and slamming car doors. There was plenty of room in the car area, don't know why they parked in the RV area. Yes, I know of the other parks, but we did not want to travel very far in the heavy rain....this park is only 7 miles from EG Simmons, thank goodness it is a Passport park and they did not have March blacked out like others seem to do.


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