Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Birthdays are just another day as I see it, have felt that way for many years.  I remember just before turning 25 one of my sister-in-laws, who was two days older than me, was all freaked out.  “We are turning 25!  Where did time go?  We are so old now!!!”  Well, I reminded her that when I was 12, she was 12 but wanted to be more like 16.  When we turned 15 I was still 15, she wanted to be 19.  When we turned 17, I was the typical 17 year old, working 30 hours a week while going to school…. she was already a mother.  If her childhood had vanished, it vanished because she did not want to be a child…and there was no turning back.  By the time we turned 26, it was time for a divorce.

When I turned 21 I had a real surprise party thrown for me.  They pulled it off, somehow, and what I remember most is the provocative cake they had given me from some adult store.  Lots of friends there, this was back in my restaurant days, I had a real good time.  But it was just another party where I was the special guest, by the end of the night I felt no different than I had when I was 20…just able to get into places where before I was not allowed to enter.


But it was nice getting together with family.  Mom, Dad, Brother, Sisters, Arny, Arny’s mom, Marcia…nice small gathering for BBQ and cake.  And of course, as sisters do, she remembers a birthday from my childhood….when mom allowed us to bake our own birthday cake.  I baked a large strawberry cake, and by the time the frosting mix was ready…it was a deep, dark purple.  So tonight she brought out a strawberry cake, a bowl of frosting, and food coloring.  Lessons learned long ago….pick a color that matches the cake, stir it in, frost the cake.  Everyone wanted me to revert back to my childhood, just can't go there, those times are past.

And I heard from each of my three kids…. all three are doing well, wished they could have been here, but are busy with their lives as they should be.  Of course we saw Stephanie earlier in the week, will see Michael over Thanksgiving, and Ryan will be on our agenda as we pass through Arkansas in May on our way to Alaska.  Yep, it was a good day… are most of my days…. just like they should be.  I am so very blessed....


  1. Happy Birthday Dave! And wishes for many more.....

  2. Hi Dave:
    A lovely birthday message from the birthday boy. I enjoyed the chronology of the birthday progression. I wish I'd had some of animated birthday clip art for the post about my grandkids' BD. Also, because I fooled around with my iPhoto and 'lost' all my older Library, I bought Elements 12 yesterday, so now when I get settled for a couple of weeks in Livingston (Escapees) I can start putting things together again.
    Can you share where I might find holiday, career, life event animated clip art?
    Great post .... once again, Happy Birthday, Friend.

  3. Happy birthday even if it is just another day! :-D

  4. Happy Birthday! Glad you were able to celebrate with family:)

  5. Happy Birthday, Dave. I remember being so depressed when I turned 25 because my (then) husband kept saying I was turning a quarter of a century old. Maybe that's why he's the 'ex.'

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. --Dave

  7. Dave, Happy Birthday! I'm shocked that we share the same day for our birthday! Still, it's nice to see someone else who loves to blog, share in a special day. May God bless you... Lynn


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