Monday, December 31, 2012

Ending and New Beginning - Just As We Like It

So, how does one have an ending of a year, the beginning of a New Year "Just As We Like It?"  Answer:  Staying in the Motor Home at an RV Park, near those who we care about.  So when Marcia's brother called a few days ago and said, "How about coming over to the east coast of Florida for New Years Eve", how could we say anything but YES!!!!  So after church yesterday we headed over towards the Orlando area, where we are staying at the Town & Country RV Resort in Sanford.  It is a mere 5 mile drive over to Dean and Carol's house, and it is a Passport America park, so the price is $20 per night, full hookups except for no cable TV, but the over-the-air TV is working just great....even better than what we get in Palm Harbor from the Tampa stations.  Now this park is not a resort, as we find with many of the RV parks that say they are a resort.  Yes, there is a pool, a club house, but not what one would think about as being a resort.  But the people are friendly, the facilities are older, but it is a nice, quiet area near the busting communities of Sanford and Lake Mary just between Orlando and Daytona.  

Now not everything is "great" with the ending of the year, but what would life be without a few struggles.  Marcia's knee is still bothering her after her scope a month ago.  Yesterday, just after I hooked up the car to the motor home, I took a wrong step or something and sprained my foot.  But we are doing what we love...being together in our home on wheels.  What a great way to end the old year, and start a new year.   We sure hope everyone we know and care about can find happiness in their life too.

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