Saturday, March 4, 2017

Goodbye Carpet, Vinyl Tile on Way

Living Room and entryway

Marcia bought this condo back in 2007…essentially right before the housing market fallout.  It was a rental property for her until we moved in back in 2013/14.  We have discussed selling it, which would still be at a loss even though the market has come back somewhat.  Well, the time has come that we have decided to make improvements, over time, to the property.  First thing, get rid of the carpet, which probably dates back to 1985 when it was built.  Since many of these condos have not been lived in fulltime, the carpet has lasted a long, long time.  But carpet is hard for Marcia to walk on, so it is going first.

Entryway and living room

This view (left) is of our hall entryway.  The kitchen is to the left, the laundry area is behind that french door, and there is a guest bedroom and full bathroom to the right also.  That bedroom will still have carpet because there is no reason to do it. 

It is our responsibility to take care of all trinkets, and electronics.  So our table and display cases sit there empty now, and Sunday night I will take down the TV and lamps.  Tomorrow we move into the motorhome, and it will be parked in the RV/Mobile Home park next door…the one which is famous for its sinkhole

The outcome of the sinkhole in relation to the RV/Mobile Home park turned out good…the county finally took responsibility, and they recovered all of their costs, and then some, in relation to the sink hole. 

Current tile and current carpet

We had a salesman come out and he showed us many different types. Vinyl Floor Colors At first we were thinking Vinyl Planks, which would have been a wood look…but we did not want a dark wood since it would make the place look confined since the living area is long, yet a bit narrow.  We ended up choosing the caramel vinyl tile, which is 16” by 16”.  It just seemed to compliment the current tile that we already have in the entryway, and also in the master bathroom, so there will be two areas where the new tile will butt up against the old tile.

Bubba and Skruffy

Of course, since we are going to be in the motorhome…we brought Bubba over and he will be with us until Wednesday.  Tuesday he has his annual exam at the vet, so the timing is good.


This poise of Bubba’s reminds me of the time we were back in Sacramento.  Arny’s mother had a habit of calling Bubba a girl….”oh, there ‘she’ is”, or “She sure is a good dog”.  One time after saying that my sister said, “Mom, Bubba is a he”, and he immediately turned on his back like this…and Arny’s mom says, “Oh, I see that now..”  Of course, Arny’s mom is nearly blind…she could not have possibly seen that Bubba was a boy…but that moment sure was funny.


  1. We love our vinyl flooring. We got a very light wood look. Great for the dogs. Right after we put it in we had a problem with a water back up. We only had to take the vinyl up in the wet area, let the foundation dry and lay it back down. So much easier and cheaper than if it had been the engineered flooring. It is also very quiet. Non of the click click of the fake wood floors.

    1. Yes the noise factor was a big seller for dog owners like us. Thanks for your comment Cathie.


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