Sunday, March 12, 2017

Floor Done, Back in the Condo…with Head Colds

Living Room done and back together...almost

FINALLY!  We are back into the condo.  Although we would have liked the Vinyl Tile, the Vinyl Plank is also nice. We are VERY PLEASED with the floor.  No squeaking, not too loud when you have shoes on, no noise when you are bare foot.  Yes, pitter-patter from Skruffy's feet, but we knew that up front.

Working on Livingroom

Saturday was the day they were able to do the floor.  I arrived at 7:30, they arrived at 7:45…they were gone by noon.  Here the underlayment, which is plastic on one side and a felt-like material on the side you see, is being put down.

Working on Living room

I left shortly after 8, came back at 9:30 and the living room was nearly finished.

Entrance from Hall to Living room     Entry to Master Bathroom

The only thing left for the floor is that the transition strips between the Vinyl Plank and the original tile needs 48 hours of curing with weight on it.  The upper left is the entrance hall, the upper right is the master bedroom to master bath.  The light brown in the floor matches the browns in the tile very well.

Living Room TV, door to bedroom     Bedroom

Along with the change also comes a change in furniture arrangement.  In the very first picture of this posting you can see the display case is now against the “mirror wall”.  The table that use to be along the mirror wall is now our TV table…only table that was long enough for the 40” TV.  The entertainment cabinet that use to be in the living room  is now in the bedroom, and the dressers are now on each side of the bed.  Hey, I was even smart enough to be sure that my dresser was on my side and Marcia’s dresser was on her side.

Skruffy     Skruffy

EVERYONE is happy to be home.  Bubba’s outer mouth infection seems to be getting better.  Skruffy had her first full exam since her sickness in Alaska and she is doing well.  Monday or Tuesday I am going to drop off the paperwork from Alaska, which I could not get to because of the floor, and pick up her compete blood workup.  It will be interesting to see what the results are…and I will be sure to share those results.


Meanwhile…BOTH Marcia and I have terrible head and chest colds.  I started getting sick Thursday night, on Friday she wanted a quick kiss, and despite me telling her she was going to get sick…yes, by Saturday she was coming down with it and today (Sunday) she has it full blown too.  Thank goodness for drugs…Tussin DM is doing the trick for me, and Marcia is going to try it tonight too.  I think I tied my record for sneezing all at once again…lost count at six.  It is never fun to pack or unpack the is way worse when you are sick.


  1. Lots of delays, but the floor looks beautiful! I'm so sorry for your colds .... been there, done that!! Hope it clears up quickly!!

    1. The Listerine trick kept the sore throat away...but not the head cold this time. It is YUCKY


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