Friday, January 22, 2016

Sinkholes again?

Helicopter over our house

When a helicopter goes around and around and around our complex, the first thing to comes to mind…”ANOTHER SINKHOLE!”  Thank goodness, not this time...hope we are done with sinkholes forever!  (See 2014 post on sinkhole near us -- other posts after that one address the issue too if you are interested)

Sheriff's Helicopter this time

Just a Sheriff’s helicopter which was going around and around, making the circle larger and larger, until it just vanished.  No sirens, no audible warnings…never did find out what it was.

Helicopter and air plane too

Ever take a picture and when you develop it (ok, so we are digital now days, but I still look at it as developing the picture you are going to post), you see something you don’t remember seeing when you took it?  Look again at the very first picture, it looked like a scratch in the lens between the helicopter and the roof of our condo.  But when I blew it up, realized it was a jet air plane in the far distance.  Did not see that at all because I was trying to get a shot of the copter before it vanished behind the roof.

Heavy rain

We have had a few days of downpours in the past week.  A few tornadoes and wind damage in the general area, which means within a hundred miles.  They claim it is the El Nino effect, which is fine with me.

Folsom Lake Level in Nov 2015
Folsom Lake Level in Jan 2016

Fine because the El Nino is doing its work in California and refilling empty reservoirs.  In just two months, Folsom Lake has gone from 14% capacity up to 36% capacity.  The historic average has gone from 29% all the way up to 71%, so it is getting very close to its historic average.  Also, the snow pack in the Sierra’s, which feeds the American River and its tributaries, is way better this year.  To quote the Sacramento Bee, “State sensor readings Monday (1/18/16) showed a range of snow water content across the Sierra, from 121 percent of normal in the northern range to around 90 percent of normal in the southern Sierra.”  And it has snowed more this week!  And the forecast through February looks good…as it does for the first part of March.  December through March are the rainy months in Northern California…and El Nino has made this year an especially good, wet year so far.

Skruffy    Skruffy

Kind of a sleep afternoon around here…well, someone seems to sleep with her eyes open.


Sensing that I was paying attention to her, she comes down to my end of the couch (next to my chair) to see if she can get me to put the laptop down and give her a pet on the head.  Visited Bubba on Wednesday and shaved the bottom of his chin again, no sign of the problem he had a month ago, so that was good.  Bubba is sure a good boy, just adapts to his environment so easily, and is so much the gentlemen allowing others (the one above especially) to eat first, drink first…just as long as he can have his own blanket.  Speaking of which, his poor little blanket is probably as old as he is, so like it or not, a new blanket is in the works.  I am sure Bubba will adapt.


  1. Interesting that there was no local news on the copter. I think everyone is relieved that the west is getting rain but tornadoes all over Florida in January is pretty strange.

    1. I don't like those tornadoes either, although the ones in Florida seem much smaller than the ones we had in Arkansas.

  2. Loving the rain and snow, but know the future holds flooding. Hoping my house doesn't float away!!!

    1. Perhaps there might be some flooding, but those reservoirs can still hold a bunch of water still.

  3. When we see a helicopter circling, we always think they're looking for an escaped convict. I don't know why since we've never had an escaped convict in the area. LOL Good to hear about the reservoir.

    1. I always thought the same thing until we had those sinkholes last year. All the sewer work along the street has been completed, and no more sinkholes so far.


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