Friday, May 9, 2014

From Utah -- a Surprise For Mom


Had to stop at the first rest area in Utah, not because “we had to”, but because I just had to get a shot of the red rocks…how I love the red rocks of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and other places.  There is just a warmth and nice feeling about it.


But Bubba and Skruffy don’t give a darn about the red rock….they love the green grass…the REAL green grass, no stickers, not pests….

1c     1d

Well, a different type of pest….they little prairie dogs wouldn’t stop chatting at them.  I had to hold Skruffy back, she was ready to take off after them, while Bubba just gave them a few looks.


As we drove further west we came to Echo Reservoir, which was not full, but had a lot more water in it this year than it did last year.


This is a nice area up around the reservoir, with many farms and ranches within the valley, and nice views of snow-capped mountains.


Then we get our first view of the Park City area ski slopes.  This is the area where Stephanie works.


Much latter we get a quick view of downtown Salt Lake City.


So a couple of weeks ago I get a call from my daughter Stephanie, she wants to ride with us to California, then fly back after the BBQ on Saturday….a big surprise for her Grandma.  So we kept it quiet, and that’s what we did.  Was it a surprise?  Well, it is hard to surprise Grandma after 84 years.  She called me a few days ago and asked if there was any way we could squeeze Steph into the motorhome and bring her to California.  I responded with the best “non lie” that I could think of….”Mom, she has a job!”  Well, that did not work, so she totally expected Steph today when we pulled in, but it was worth every attempt, and the important thing is that she gets to see Stephanie for the first time in a few years…even if it is only for a 26 hour time period.  Yes, Steph flies back to Utah tomorrow around 4:00 pm, so at 2:45 her brother Michael, who arrives by train at 11 am tomorrow, and I will drop her off at the airport and then I have to head over to Berkley with Michael to take him home because he is in the midst of finals.


Not really sure what she was showing off with her i-phone, but on the right is Arny’s mother, my mom is to the left, Stephanie was wearing her new 49er hat, and our motorhome is parked once again at my sister Sandy’s and brother-in-law Arny’s house.  Wish I had a picture of how happy the dogs were to be back….especially Bubba who licked Arny’s face for the first time as soon as he saw him.  Bubba had been very subdued the past 48 hours or so.  Yes, he was happy to be able to smell all the smells when we stopped at places, but the travel was really getting to him.  But as soon as we arrive, wow, what a change!  We lost count at how many times Bubba and Skruffy rolled and rolled on the grass, and how many barks Skruffy had at the Squirrels.  Tomorrow is the BBQ, and another travel day for me as I pick up Michael at the train station, and later drop Steph off at the airport and take Michael back to the Bay Area.  But it will be well worth it.


  1. What a wonderful weekend to have everyone together if only for a few hours:) I can hear the joy in your words.

    Love those red rocks and snow capped mts. Can't wait get that view myself.

    1. Yes, very nice to spend so much time with Steph, and seeing each of my kids over the past 7 days.

  2. How loving of you! Enjoy your time, together! Blessings, Lynn p.s. Those pics are gorgeous; thank you!

    1. I came from a very blessed family, that is for sure...not blessed with $$$$$, but with love


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