Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fort Bridger Wyoming


Yes, it is Tuesday…we were in Fayetteville Arkansas on Sunday, now we are in Fort Bridger Wyoming, just 30 miles or so from the Utah boarder.  We left after church on Sunday, on the road by 1 pm.  We got to Fort Bridger around 2:30 pm today.  The route we took was 1,200 miles long.  Yes, I can drive miles and miles….but we are here for two nights so that we can rest, do laundry, and give Bubba an overdue buzz job.


Bubba, you really do have eyes behind all that hair, don’t you?


Ok buddy, stop showing off….now get back to vacuuming up all that hair!  (Actually, I cut him in the back of the HHR…I sit on Marcia’s GoGo, open up the hatch, put down a piece of carpet, and have a garbage bag handy to catch most of the hair…and there was a bunch of hair this time.  He did have a shower in our shower, what a dirty mess he was.)


Did not take very many pictures along the 1,200 mile trek.  In fact, if it wasn’t for seeing nearly 100 Pronghorns along I-80 from Cheyenne to Rawlins, one group of 20 alongside the road on grass, we wouldn’t have picked up the camera.  Of course, after we got the camera, all of the Pronghorn were way off to the side….didn't get a shot of one of them, darn!  But above is a typical view of what we saw today, along with the shots below.

2b     2c

One thing about I-80 in Wyoming, you can see the roadway for miles.  We did hit any bad weather, wet weather, nothing along the entire way.  It is going to rain tonight, probably tomorrow, then Thursday and Friday are suppose to be nice all the way to Sacramento.  We did see all the smoke in Oklahoma, which I assume was from that nasty fire there.  I thought our thermometer which is in our rearview mirror was busted Sunday when it was giving reading of high 90’s, but it wasn’t, it was really that hot, but no humidity. 


But as always in Wyoming along I-80, you hit the wind…just look at that flag, and we were headed in the same direction as this picture, so it was blowing from my left to right most of the day…nearly had a truck in our lap once as it passed, but I moved over the right line just to be safe.  

3a     3b

Fort Bridger RV Park is nothing special, but it is away from the Interstate, a nice quiet and currently fairly slow park.  We stayed here last year on our way out west too, but only for one night.  For $25 we have electricity, cable, water, sewer and peace and quiet…can’t ask for much more.  It is also right next to Historic Fort Bridger, which if the weather cooperates, we might visit if it is open tomorrow…but getting laundry done is our first concern.  Then Thursday we will go see Stephanie, and that night try to get into Nevada so that Friday will be an easier drive.  Sunday we stayed at a rest area in Kansas, and Monday night we were at AB RV Park in Cheyenne, which cost $40 for the same thing we have tonight for $25....go figure.


  1. Hi Dave and Marcia: Wow, that's a lot of miles in a very short time. And, if I'm correct, you, Dave, do all the driving, right? I'd never be able to get even close to that number of miles in 2-3 days. Of course, one reason is that I'm chief cook and bottle-washer in my RV. Lacy and Eleanor are content to watch me do all the chores for living in the RV - I keep waiting for them to pitch in, but I think it'll be a long wait! Buen viaje!

    1. Yes, I do all the driving in the motorhome. Monday night I was so tired I went to bed during "The Voice". Feel much better today since we only did a mere 330 miles. :)

  2. I can't even imagine 1200 miles in 2 days. I'm worn out just reading about it.

    1. Well, having two full nights to rest during the 51 hour time period sure did help, but it was/is a bit much for me too...but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Things will be easier and slower once we get there, that's for sure.

  3. Wow! You certainly did a lot of driving. Good for you! I'm happy you both are doing well, along with your furry friends. Blessings, Lynn

    1. I think seeing Ryan (my youngest) and meeting his girlfriend sure energized me....that was the real blessing.

    2. I'm sure it was!!! Very happy for you! :) Blessings...

  4. Two days to go 700+ miles, shouldn't be a problem...thanks


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