Friday, January 19, 2018

Brrrr…Our Second Round of Winter

Home at Holiday / Tarpon Springs area

Strawberries in the cold, picture from Google Images

When we arrived back in Florida on January 5th, just two weeks ago, it was COLD.  It lasted two nights…a little longer in the central part of the state where they have to run sprinklers on the Strawberries to keep them from freezing…the layer of ice is better than straight freezing weather.  The good news, the cold makes the Strawberries sweeter…the bad news, they are not on our diet yet.

Tarpon Springs Temps

This past Wednesday night it got cold again…down to 30 degrees.  I actually wore long pants to church Wednesday night!  (Yes mom, LONG PANTS!).  Sunday morning it was around 48 degrees, and our Pastor walked up and said, “You do know it is winter here, right?”  I proudly told him that I didn’t move to Florida to wear long pants!  He laughed.  Last night it was around 34 degrees, and tonight it will probably stay in the 40’s.  I think Winter is over here in Florida…at least for me, as I sit here without shoes or socks on, in short pants, and no shirt.  Yes, it is 47 out there right now (as shown in picture above)…

Dr ExamMarcia has complete three doctor exams now, with two more to go.  Good news, the Ear, Throat and Nose doctor said she doesn’t need to come back until she feels she needs something.  They have been monitoring nodules on her thyroid, which have not changed in over 3 years…so that is good.  The bad news…the Neurologist she has been seeing has retired, so we have to break in another one.  Good news, her primary doctor found us one who will see Marcia early next month.  That is wonderful because Mammogramlast time it took us months to get into see one until we finally hunted one down ourselves.  Unfortunately, he too retired a few years ago, and she was lucky to find a Neurologist who had treated her many years ago before he took off due to cancer.  This past December he decided to retire for good.  We hope he can travel and relax a bit…he is a good guy.  So only two more appointments, and two special exams….bone density and the dreaded press machine.  Looks like she will all be finished by early March.

Well…time to feed a little puppy dog.  Until next time….

Friday, January 12, 2018

Loss of a Tarpon Springs Icon

Home in Holiday-Tarpon Springs, Florida

Maria Koursiotis

We have written about our FAVORITE Greek Restaurant, The Original Mama Maria’s, many times.  Maria Koursiotis opened Mama Maria’s around 1978 after her husband, John “Sfeeka” Koursiotis, died during a dive for sponges.  Every time we went to Mama’s, there she was in the kitchen doing something…her head barely able to be seen over the counter top.  Lunch, Dinner, it did not matter…there she was.  Last night we met our friend and relative Ginger at Mama Maria’s, had another great dinner, and yet Mama was not there.  Asked her son Costa as we were leaving how Mama was doing…found out she had passed away while we were gone.  Sad thing to learn….

 The Original Mama Maria’s

Ginger was married to Marcia’s cousin, who passed away a little over a year ago.  Ginger has gone through a lot dealing with his cancer sickness, and his death, and dealing with so much stuff that comes with that.  However, Ginger is doing great, and that was so nice to see.  We got there at 5, got home at 8…it is only 10 minutes away…so you can see we all had a very enjoyable meal, and conversation.

Cosmos Family Restaurant

Earlier in the day we met Cousin Mary at the Cosmos Family Restaurant which we ate at the night we got home.  When we left last April this restaurant was called “The Blue Oyster”, and we were disappointed in it…glad it changed owner and name upon our return.  We are very pleased with Cosmos, better food, better service, better atmosphere, a bit less expensive.  This is a true family business…run by the father, the mother, and the 25 year old son.  The servers are more friendly…as is the owner.  What we also like a lot is that this restaurant is just around the corner from us!

The Dreaded Scale

Marcia had her first doctor’s appointment earlier this week…and of course, there was the dreaded “Step up on the scale” moment.  Well, we are happy to report that Marcia lost 47 pounds since she last stepped on this same scale back in December of 2016.  The doctor was very happy…and Marcia was elated…as am I because for the past 10 months or so all I heard is, “You are losing weight on this diet, but I am not losing @#$&.  Well, now she believes me ….

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