Friday, June 23, 2017

Back Among Family, Citrus Heights, CA

Pulled out of Truckee at 7:30 and into my sister's backyard by 10 this morning...easy drive from 6,000 feet, up to 7,200 feet and then all the way down to near sea level.  To say the dogs, especially Bubba, were overjoyed is an under statement.  

Unloaded the car, and took it to get an oil change and a good wash...$39 combined plus tax!  Took mom and dad to Black Angus for dinner, and tomorrow we drive to Oakdale for Aunt Rosie's Celebration of Life.

Nice to be back "home", as this area was my home for 30 years...but this valley heat!!!  YUCK!

(Photo and post done by Kindle Fire...just because I was outside melting.....)


  1. I figured you wouldn't enjoy the heat. All my friends in the Valley are complaining. I tell them they should be HERE!! LOL

    1. Well, Sis tells us "thanks" for bringing back the cool mornings, and tomorrow it will only be in the higher 80s....looking forward to that!


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