Thursday, August 17, 2017

Chances Are…You RV Long Enough, You’ll Do Something Stupid

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Osprey at Huntley Park

We made the move two sites down…and low and behold, I can see the nest right out my window.  But you all don’t want to hear about Osprey, you want to know what the heck Dave did that was SO STUPID.  Well, I’ll get to that…

Huntley Park

Since we were moving, and since I did something REAL stupid, we decided to drive back to Brookings to go to Fred Meyer, before coming back and pulling into our new spot, two spots down from where we were.  We use to be where the second trailer in this shot, which I took this morning, is located.  That trailer is the son of the restaurant owners, and runs the restaurant during the week…they operate it during the weekend, along with their daughter who is located four trailers away in this picture.  “D & D” are the third trailer.

Watercraft, Rogue River, Huntley Park    Watercraft, Rogue River, Huntley Park

It sure looks like it is going to be a “boys and their toys” type of weekend.  Jet ski, fast boat…all have come into the park for what appears to be the last weekend of summer before school starts up.  The park is getting very busy.

Camp Host, Huntley Park 

This is the nice lady camp host…she was out and about a lot today.  Had a chance to talk to her for a bit…she said that on top of everything, a large business end of summer party is going to take place on Saturday.  The park is so busy this coming weekend, she opened the group area where the wedding took place last weekend to normal campers for this weekend.  She said they typically fill up just once or twice each year…this weekend is going to be one of them.

Rogue River Jet Boat, Huntley Park
Ok, time for the “STUPID” story….  Our generator works real good most of the time…but every now and then it acts like it is running out of gas.  In fact, D & D’s daughter's generator did run out of gas yesterday and it acted just like ours does.  Problem is, we are not out of gas while they were.  So I figure our problem “might” be a bit of water in the gas, which the generator is more reactive to than our engine is.  So I decided to add some of our Lucas Fuel Treatment to our gas tank.  Lucas Gas TreatmentOf course, it would help if I really put it in the gas tank, and not in the fresh water outlet.  WHAT?  Did Dave just say what I thought he said?  Yes, in some sort of “STUPOR”, I opened the fresh water outlet, which is right above the gas tank outlet, and proceeded to pour about two, perhaps less, ounces of Lucas Gas Additive right into our fresh water tank.  I stopped only because it did not pour in right…that is when I realized what I was doing.  OH CRAP!  I have attempted, in the past, to fill up the fresh water with fuel before on more than one occasion.  But as soon as I open the outer door, I have always realized I did not have the right door open, and then opened the gas door instead and proceeded to fuel up.  I still don’t know why I did not stop myself this time…just a brain fart I guess.

Rogue River Jet Boat, Huntley Park

Since we had been five days into boondocking, our fresh water tank was only 1/3 full.  We were dumping in the morning…we always use bottled water to drink, but typically use the fresh water for doggie water and for coffee in the morning.  So on Wednesday, while at the dump station, we emptied all the water we could.  We drove to Brookings for a Fred Meyer trip, where I knew we could purchase two 2.5 gallon containers of spring water.  I added that water to our fresh water tank, along with some bleach, and drove back to Gold Beach’s dump station (after spending megabucks at Fred Meyer to stock up our pantry and freezer of course).  About 6 miles out of Gold Beach there is construction going on, and we had to stop for about 5 minutes…so I turned on our pump and turned on our water faucet real low to start draining it into our grey tank.  When we got to the dump station in Gold Beach, I also ran water in the shower and the bathroom sink until everything came to a trickle.  Back at Huntley, I filled the tank to point that it overflowed.  We are still giving the dogs bottled water, and still making coffee with bottled water…and will do so until we get to Loeb State Park in a week.  In the mean time, we will empty the fresh water tank one more time…and the GOOF will be history.

Rogue River, Huntley Park

There are a few advantages with our new site at Huntley Park, besides being able to see the Osprey out my window.  We get about 2 more hours of sunlight each day for the solar power…we get shade mid-day for the RV, and our bench is in the shade for much of the day with this great view.  Of course, the nature of the park being busy has cut down one our likability factor…but the type of great neighbors we have has made that change easier to deal with.  It did get up to 91 degrees today…for about an hour…then the cool sea breeze kicked in and it dropped back into the lower 80’s.  It is 10 pm, and 66 degrees right now…the perfect weather conditions.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Family Camping at its Best - Australian Bulldog

Huntley Park, Gold Beach, Oregon

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Our new neighbors have been moving in the past two days.  It is a family of Grandma and Grandpa, who own a cafe in Gold Beach, their daughter and son-in-law (she works weekends at cafe) and their two or is it three boys, their son (who helped move stuff, but isn’t up here totally yet because he runs things during the week at the cafe) and his two girls…and of course, their dog Hank…more about Hank here in a minute.  Now these are the ones we know about so far…there are more coming because they have already paid for the two sites on the other side of us.  Told the “grandma” that we feel like the peanut butter between two slices of bread.  We offered to move but she insisted that we stay put…until this evening when she saw the wisdom in having all four sites together, so tomorrow we move down two sites.  Since we have to travel to Gold Beach to dump our tanks, it is nothing big on us…and everyone will be for the better.  The family is just adorable.

Hank the Dog,  Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

This is grandma and grandpa’s dog Hank…a very friendly, occasional barking dog.  He gets Skruffy going, but is trying to restrain herself.

 Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon
Every site has its own fire pit, like the one here that we park next to.  This is “our” fire pit”, so no one is going to use it…hence, we parked near it to get further away from the road.  Well, Hank has his own fire pit too, and guess what he likes to use it for?   No, not as a toilet…I know some of you are thinking that…

Hank the Dog, , Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon     Hank the Dog, , Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon
Hank the Dog, , Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Hank thinks the fire pit makes for one good dog bed for Hank!  Let’s just hope Hank decides differently after they make their nightly fire because it is that fire pit which has all the wood stacked up around it…and the chairs forming a circle around it.

Ausralian Bulldog, Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon
On the other side of this ‘family gathering’ is a very large class c…the one with  a trailer with the “trike” that I talked about before.  Well this couple, who are Fulltime RVers, have an Australian Bulldog.  The Australian Bulldog is newly developed breed created by two families that were interested in creating an improved version of the English Bulldog that was healthier and possessed increased working abilities. English Bulldogs were crossed with Boxers, Bullmastiffs, mixed-breed dogs, and American Bulldogs.  Looks like an English Bulldog, but the legs are longer, and it does go on walks with them.  (As I write this, another black dog, one I have not seen before, is running through the park, on its own, with no one chasing it…I figure someone will realize their dog has vanished and will come looking for it.  The grandma next door tried calling it, but it ignored her.)

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Walked over to the Gazebo, where the wedding was held last Saturday.  Nice little garden around it, and some of the flowers are still in bloom.

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon   Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

I have no idea what type of flower this is, but they were the ones which were in more abundance…the other type of flowers were withering away already…but the plants themselves are all very healthy. 

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

This ‘almost’ wants me to say, “Merry Christmas” to everyone…

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

I just love how you can frame pictures of the boats going up or down the river with this tree…lucky we are not camped there or that’s all you would see pictures of.

Osprey at Huntley Park, Gold Beach OregonFinally located the nests of two different Osprey pairs.  This one is the most open for taking pictures of…and the mom and dad Osprey were both very active.  They have at least one young one in there…perhaps more than one.  Earlier I was outside without my camera, and low and behold…an Osprey, probably one of these two, flew the river headed towards this nest with a fish in its claws.  GRRRRR.  That is “the” shot I am trying for.

Osprey at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon     Osprey at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

But I did get them flying off the nest.  Although they look like they are consecutive shots, they are not…the one on the right was taken about 10 minutes before the one on the left, and from a different angle.  The good thing about moving…I think I will be able to see this nest from our picnic bench!  Winking smile

Sunday, August 13, 2017

From the Mouth of Dogs

Bubba and Skruffy, Huntley Park

Hi everyone, this is Bubba (talking) and Skruffy (barking…hee hee, I’m so funny)  Dad said we could have a turn doing the blog tonight, so here it is.

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Lot’s of action down at the water today.  Don’t know what these birds are, but I haven’t had a treat for over a month now (I miss my Uncle Arnie so much) that I wanted to jump in and catch one for an afternoon snack.

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon     Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Dad gets so excited when the water is smooth as glass like it was for much of the morning.  Hey dad, if you like it so much, why didn’t you take us for a walk down there again today, huh?  All your shots were from way up by the RV.  Besides, there is FOOD down in that water.

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Oh, you’re right…that is a good reason…that boat is going super fast, and if I was out chasing birds in the water, I could be history…good point.

Bubba and Skruffy, Huntley Park

[Whisper]  Hey Bubba, do I get to talk yet?

[Loudly]  No Skruffy, you little shrimp, this is MY story.  YOU are the one who constantly gets your picture taken.  This waterfall, that lake, even inside a Big Tree.  So there…

[Louder]  DAD!  Bubba is being mean to me…

[Chuckling]  Ya, go tell Dad…like THAT worked for him when he was a kid, it ain’t going to work for you either….I hope.   Now, where were we….

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Dad said another reason we can’t go down there today, beside the fast boat, the yummy birds, and the fishermen…is because there are CRAZY people here today.  This guy took his boat down and tried to launch it in the river.  There are no boat launching ramps down there, and he tried backing in into the river two times.  The last time he got stuck…but by the time Dave got off his lazy butt and got the camera, the guy had pulled out of it with his 4x4 truck…but it sure made a racket.

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

That was right as the sun went over that big hill again on the other side of the river.  Now “if” he got it in the river, what was he going to do with it?  Dad said that if he got it in, he sure wasn’t going to get it out without going to a boat launching site….I think he was right.

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

On one of our walks Dad found the site which has electricity…it is right there by that funny tree.  Someone moved out today, and someone else paid for the site and they are moving in tomorrow.   Dad said that this is not a fair way of doing things…but hey, it is Oregon, they do things differently up here.  For instance, every now and then you smell a strange odor in the air…like someone is burning something, but it is not wood.  I think it might be incense or something like that.  Dad says it is wacky tobacky, what ever that is.  We have not smelled it here, but sure did in other places…come to think about it, we smelled that in California too!

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon


Oh no, that “favorite little doggie” must have gotten dad’s ear.  Just enough time to share this last picture of the night.  Hope you enjoyed it…and hey, if someone wants to come and rescue me from the “dog house”, we are at Huntley Park near Gold Beach (dad said I was suppose say that first thing…but hey, I’m just a dog), and we will be here for another week.  BYE

See Dad, Bubba didn’t let me say anything.  BARK BARK BARK  Take that you big Cocker Pooper

Saturday, August 12, 2017

An RV–Camping Wedding

Huntley Park, near Gold Beach Oregon

Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

As we came back from Gold Beach yesterday there was a sign and arrow which said something about a wedding here in the park.  Apparently the wedding including a large campout in a group area of the park.  Above was the conclusion of the wedding ceremony…but they partied well into the early night.

Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon     Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

On the left he is putting on her ring, on the right she is putting on his ring.

Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

As you can see, I was very far away from the wedding, sitting on a park bench, hiding between the large tree on the right, and the brush on the left.

Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

This is how close our motorhome was to where the wedding took place, which was essentially behind that group of trees there in the middle of the picture.

Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

I got this picture about four hours before the wedding was to start…which was suppose to be 3 pm.  In the true “RV Flexibility” way of life…it started more like 4 pm.

Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Probably the only drawback to the weddings location is that it was right on the main entrance.  Here is a Porsche which I thought, as it pulled into the park, was here for the wedding…but instead it did a tour of the park and here it is exiting.  It had Florida plates on it, but something tells me that “if” they are RVers, they pull it in a trailer.

Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Due to the delay, someone got out a couple bottles of “bubbles”, and put a bunch of bubbles up into the air.  These two youngsters were trying to catch some…I think they would rather be the ones blowing the bubbles instead of the adults who were going around doing so.

Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

These fellow campers had a front row seat right from their campsite…which made me feel better since even at the distance I was, I felt like I was intruding just a bit.

Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon   Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon
Above are just two pictures which show the wedding party.  In the one on the left, yes, that groomsman has short pants on.  In the picture on the right, yes, that groomsman has something on his head…as shown in the picture to the right.  Yes, a camouflage cap, worn backwards, of course.  The lady with the “see-through-dress” seemed to be the wedding coordinator.  She was giving the signal for each of the couples to start their walk, and she had a basket of flower petals for the flower girl which she was to hand to her as she Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregonwalked by…probably didn’t want the young girl to drop the basket ahead of time…but that plan did not work because the coordinator dropped it, spilling many of the flower petals.  She picked up many of them, and handed the basket to the young girl who proceeded to walk up the right hand side, and not the center aisle way.  But the coordinator got her back on track, and the bride was ready for her entrance. 

Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Tried to get a picture of one of her occasional tossing out of petals, but to no avail.  Thank goodness the Bride’s Maid of Honor had scattered some petals on the ground before the wedding started.

Wedding at Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

With that, the bride makes her entrance….and that pretty much competes the wedding story since I covered the ceremony at the start of the post.

Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Took this picture above at noon, just could not believe these four prime river spots were open on a Saturday…three which are back-in (or head-in) towards the river, and the far one which is one of the few pull-through where you are parallel to the river.  Of course, less than 15 minutes after I took this, a fellow Floridian pulled in with his long Class C pulling a trailer with a “Trike” motorcycle in it.  He said that a guy in Clearwater built the Trike for him.  Later, the other sites filled up too…but it just shows that prime spots can be found here just about every day…the last of these four spots filled at 4:30.

Sunset, Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

We won’t be able to see the solar eclipse, unless it happens to be an unusual Oregon Coastal Morning on Monday the 21st.

Sunset, Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Sunset, Huntley Park, Gold Beach Oregon

Every morning the costal fog has not burned off until 11 am at the earliest. The eclipse is suppose to hit our area starting at 9:02, with maximum at 10:14 where it will be 94% coverage in this area of Oregon.

This is one of the first evenings that the fog had not rolled back in yet when the sun was eclipsed by the mountain to our west…that is the closest thing to a sunset we are going to get around here.

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