Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sunsets, Breakfast time, Verizon pt. 2

Cave Creek Regional Park

The day I groomed the dogs, Marcia said there was a nice sunset going on that evening…I did not feel like going out and taking it, so she took this out her window.

Cave Creek Regional Park

On Thursday I took this shot above just as the sun was hitting the horizon…

Cave Creek Regional Park     Cave Creek Regional Park

Last night I took these two above…and to the east I took these two below, each within minutes of each other.

Cave Creek Regional Park     Cave Creek Regional Park

Sunsets without clouds are not as vibrant and interesting as those in cloudless skies…but sunsets are nice no matter how you look at them.

Skruffy     Skruffy

Got up about 6 this morning, let the dogs out just before 7, and by 7:15 Skruffy was in my lap just staring at me.  “Sorry little girl, it is too early…”  She wants her breakfast.  I really try and keep them on a 8 am and 8 pm schedule, with adjustments as we pas through time zones.  She can really give me that look…but it was 8 am when they finally ate.  Bubba just sat there in his chair (the driver’s chair) and tried to ignore what I was doing…until I said to him, “I know you see me Bubba…”, then he jumped down and by the time I had their food ready, he as jumping around like a 2 year old child.

Wilson Dual Band - 800-1900 MHz Magnet Mount Antenna

I should have just ordered a new antenna from Amazon instead of messing with the Verizon store.  I think the older antenna I had worked for 3G and early 4G, but not the 4G LTE bandwidth.  So I ordered a new Wilson Antenna and adapter cord through Amazon and I am having it shipped to an Amazon Drop Box here Phoenix…it will be in on Sunday (cross my fingers).  I am sure that will do the trick.  Here we get 1-2 bars of 4G, but it is faster than the 2-3 bars of 4G we got up in Camp Verde and over in Cottonwood…but just barely. 

Did some laundry today, we did some Sam's Club shopping Thursday, and on Monday before we leave we will fill up at Fry's Grocery Store, just a few miles from the Cave Creek Entrance, with more veggies, water and diet tonic water before we head north.  It might be 5-7 days before we walk into a grocery store again, and up to 10 days before we walk into a large grocery store.  I hope by then that we will be camping near Pikes Peak…yes, Colorado is still in our plans, after a brief visit at the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and south-east Utah.

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