Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Grand Canyon – Desert View Campground

Grand Canyon

I have been to the Grand Canyon at least four, perhaps five times before.  First, as a young child perhaps, I don’t remember at all…it may be that that family vacation came before I came into the world, just can’t remember.  The first time I do remember was back in the early 1980’s.  Working as a Manager of a Restaurant in Sacramento which is long gone, I would take my vacations during Thanksgiving week…slow time at the restaurant, closed for Thanksgiving day.  So one year I hoped into my Nissan-Datsun pickup truck with a friend’s camper shell on it, and took off.  Did Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion all in like 4 days.  WOW, that was a trip…alone…not a person to talk to, no cell phones, I just got away.  Another time the ‘family’ (kids and previous wife) did the canyon real quick on a trip from Arkansas to California.  It was short lived, but worth it.  Another time I had a National Public Library Conference in Phoenix.  My Children’s Librarian had just recovered from a bout of cancer, which eventually took her away from us, and she was able to attend that conference.  I did not like to fly, so three of us drove.  When we got to Flagstaff on schedule (it was March, travel can be a bit iffy that time of year), I gave them the option of going to Grand Canyon the next morning and then on to Phoenix, or go to Phoenix where they could rest more and get ready for the conference.  They both choose to get up early and go to the Canyon.   Miss Ann talked about that trip for the rest of her life…I sure miss that lady…  Another time three of us Library people were in Salt Lake City at a Genealogy Conference.  The Library’s car broke down and stranded us there after the conference for a weekend.  DRAT!  So we rented a car, and drove to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, also saw Zion and Bryce and just had a great weekend of it.

Grand Canyon    Grand Canyon

Marcia had been here twice before…once with Joyce whose Celebration of Life we just attended, along with Joyce’s husband and kids from each family, and another time with her first husband Gus, who had never taken a vacation before, so she dragged Gus screaming and kicking, and in the end he said, “We need to take more vacations.”   So although Marcia has had a chance to enjoy the canyon for multiple days in a visit, this is my first.  And with the Camping Spot we nailed, we might be here for a few more days than first planned.  Winking smile

Desert View Campground, Grand Canyon      Desert View Campground, Grand Canyon
Desert View Campground, Grand Canyon

Desert View Campground is on the South Rim, East side of the park.  It is a “First Come” park.  So last night we talked about it and decided to drive right to Desert View and try and get a spot.  Luckily we did…had we waited another 30-60 minutes we would have been out of luck.  First, you have to be under 30’ to get into these spots.  We grabbed the last pull through, but due to a try, I actually backed into it…but when we leave, I can move the car, move the motorhome up a bit, and hook the car up before pulling out.  It also has some shade from two or three trees, but a nice sunny spot to put the solar panel out to grab some juice to recharge the batteries.  Oh, did I mention that it is $6 per night with the senior pass?  And that we have 2 bars of Verizon 4G which is acting good??  And that the temperature is around 75 degrees, and will drop to high 40’s tonight???? 

Pine Country Restaurant, Williams AZ

I awoke around 3:30 am and heard a beep.  Came out and stretched out on a recliner and as I sat down, I heard another beep, but could not place it.  About 10 minute later I hear another beep and realize that the tire sensor was unplugged, but still turned on.  The cold temps and higher altitude but one of the HHR tires under my threshold, and that was cause of the beep.  So this morning we got up around 6:15, and I told Marcia that we needed to go back 3 miles into Willams to fill up tires for the higher altitude and lower nightly temps.  Went to Love’s Travel Stop, got coffee, filled car tires, and decided it was breakfast time and found a good restaurant called “Pine Country” right on old Route 66.  Parking across the street at Chamber of Commerce, fed the dogs, then walked and rode to the Pine Country Restaurant and both had great omelets.  Good way to start the day.

Grand Canyon     Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

By 1 pm we were out the door of the motorhome and off to see a canyon.  We drove half way back to the main entrance, stopping at all the turnouts.  Decided that was enough for today, but will go back for sunsets tonight, and tomorrow we will pick up where we left off and head to the main visitor’s center, and check out Mather Campground (dump station logistics for another day this week).  FEW pictures can tell the size, the details, the enormity of the Grand Canyon.  It is one of those places that you need to come and see…and see at different times of the day, and different seasons.  I have seen snow in the canyon, rainbows in the canyon, and clear days like this.  Such a wonder place….now if it only had a few waterfalls.  Open-mouthed smile


  1. That's one of my all time favorite places to be. The scenery just can't be beat. Enjoy!!!

    1. It is so hard to capture the many depths of perception one sees with their eyes, but the camera just seems to fail in capturing them.

  2. Been there during the summer months with all the foreign tourists. Hope to stop back on one of our winter trips. The day we were there was overcast. Take a picture and wait five minutes to take another, they all turned out different.
    Glad you are once again enjoying the Magnificence of the Grand Canyon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Well, foreign tourists seem to be the norm year around...but more in the summer, that is for sure. Saw the north rim in October, south rim in November, less people for sure, and their was some snow during both visits, more of course in late November.


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