Friday, May 5, 2017

Doctor's A-OK, Dinner with friends, Elk City Oklahoma

Saw the doctor on Thursday, he was happy that I had lost more weight, and said all looked good.  Told him that I may not see him again until the fall of 2018, but I made an appointment for Spring of 2018 just in case we are in the area again.  Asked him the signs I needed to know if I lose so much weight that my blood pressure meds need to be reduced.  He said, "If you are in the 120's over 70's, and you stand and feel light headed, then reduce by 1/2 a pill."  Let's hope I get there before I see him again.   Winking smile

Olive Garden, North Little Rock, from Google Maps

Wednesday night we were going have dinner with Jana and Mike.  Jana worked with me in Pine Bluff at the Library...I hired right around 20 years ago now.  Her and Mike got married shortly after Marcia and I got married.  We love seeing them, and with the storm that passed through Wednesday, we had to postpone the dinner until Thursday.  Only thing bad was it was too short at just two hours long...but Skruffy needed to be fed.  First time we ate at Olive Garden since being on our diet, and we were surprised to find five or six things on their menu that we could enjoy with slight changes in the sides that come with the meal.  It was sure good, both the food and especially the company.

Elk Creek RV Park, Elk City, OK

My intent was to drive as far as Shawnee, Oklahoma…but when I got there, I decided to keep on driving.  Ended up in Elk Creek, which is about 50 miles from Texas.  It will make tomorrow’s drive a mere 165 miles.  Can’t go much further than that because we will be there for two days as we explore Palo Duro Canyon State Park.  Looking forward to that…


  1. WOW .. weight loss! Good for you! Wish I could say the same!!!

    1. It NEVER seems to be enough...but overall I am fairly happy with how it has gone over the past 5 months


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