Sunday, May 21, 2017

Amazon Locker, Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Amazon Locker

Honestly, I had NO IDEA what a Amazon Locker was…thought it was just a fancy name for a place to pick up Amazon shipments.  I had our new Wilson Antenna sent to an Amazon Drop Box at a QT Gas Station.  I walk in and tell them I have a Amazon package, and the gal at the desk kindly told me about the “lockers”, how I needed a code (in my text message I never read) and where it was located.   The ‘locker’ was just outside their side door…there is a screen where you enter the code, the door in the locker that your package is put in opens, and you take out your package and shut the locker door.  The picture above is the Amazon Locker outside the QT Gas Station. 

Wilson Antenna on Car with wire coming into RV
Like most motorhomes, there are few areas which have areas that a magnetic antenna can stick to.  On ours, our front doors and our front fenders are metal, but the engine hood is not, nor any other parts of the body.  When I put it on the side fenders, I did get a slight increase in reception…but not as much as when I put it on the roof of the HHR.  So when we are able to park close enough, when we need the antenna, that is what I will use, as I am now.  Without antenna, 1-2 bars, with antenna, 3-4 bars.  Webpages definitely load faster now.  

I had decided a few days ago to not take my camera to the Celebration of Life for Marcia’s friend Joyce.  Laurie had three nice display boards with pictures of Joyce and family, and her ceramic dolls that she made.  She also had on display a number of craft like items that Joyce had made, including a painting of “praying hands” which Joyce painted.  Her ashes were in a nice wooden box, with folding hand engraved on the box…nice touch.  For me it was the first time to meet the adult children, grandchildren and great grand child of Joyce’s family.  The father, Parker, died six years ago.  He had a boy and two girls when his wife died over 60 years ago.  He then married Joyce and they had two more children, Laurie and her brother.  So “technically”, Laurie is Joyce’s oldest birth child…but she had such a hand in raising the other three, along with the two she had, that all five adults kids were mourning the loss of a mother.  The Celebration of Life was at Joyce’s house, there was no formal service, and it was like a open house with people coming and going all day.  We were there from around 9:45 until nearly 2:00.  Many people came and went, and Marcia saw a number of people, including the adult children, that she had not seen for many, many years.  Laurie did a good job, with the help for friends and family, and it was a pleasure to meet everyone and hear so many stories about Joyce. 

Monday we leave Cave Creek and head north where the weather will be cooler…perhaps even cold at night.  With current temps of 100 degrees in Phoenix, and 95 degrees at Cave Creek Regional Park today…and hotter promised for tomorrow, it is time to cool off.

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