Friday, December 11, 2015

Back in Florida, Home Tomorrow

By the time I finished my doctor appointment on Thursday, and we got back and dumped the tanks, hooked up the car and left Maumelle Park, it was around 1:30.  Doctor wanted a full blood workup again, to compare with my 2011 levels, and the blood test area was swamped…it took nearly 45 minutes to do this time.   As figured we made it to Vicksburg just after night fall.  Left Vicksburg a little after 7:00 this morning, and made it to a nice Florida rest area 30 miles west of Tallahassee by 5 pm (6 pm Eastern time…the time change is right near here.)  That’s 660 miles in just under 30 hours…which is a lot now days.  (In my younger days, I (with another driver) would knock out a trip from Kansas City area to Sacramento area in 30 hours...that’s over 1,700 miles)  Should be home by 1:00 (ET) and have made arrangements for storage at our usual place…which, by-the-way, is nearly full -- after the fire two years ago, that is a good sign.

Note:  Stayed at the Mississippi Welcome Center in Vicksburg. Sign says no overnight parking, but we have stayed here before, there is security, and a rest area is for needed rest, and we sure needed to rest.  Tonight we are at a rest area in Florida which, like all Florida rest areas, has night security.  This is near mile marker 162, accommodates both east and west bound, but it is large, multi-level...have stayed here in just a car when traveling back and forth between Arkansas and Florida during our first year of marriage when Marcia need to be in Florida. 


  1. We have stayed at that Vicksburg welcome center, in our 15 ft. fiberglass trailer. The manager of the nearest Walmart didn't allow overnighters, the interstate on ramps were lined with parked 18 wheelers, and at midnight, we were desperate for some sleep. Only stayed a few hours. There were others in cars and a couple of big trucks. Never saw any enforcement of the "No Overnight Parking" sign.

    1. I saw a review where a guy in a trailer was asked to move on, but you never know about those reviews anyway. This is the third or fourth time we stayed here...stayed in Walmart back in 2012 but won't go back there because they would not allow my wife to use their ADA cart to go out to the motorhome (and we just spent a few hundred dollars there). I wrote corporate in Bentonville Arkansas and go not reply...figure ole Sam Walton has rolled over in his grave a billion times due to how they have destroyed his "service above all" motto that he loved to expound.


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