Saturday, August 15, 2015

Seahawk Fan Fest – Oh My Goodness!

Seahawk Fan Fest and 2015 Season Kick-off Celebration

So this is what we accidently landed into…the Seahawk Fan Fest and 2015 Season Kick-off Celebration.  Yep, they be EVERYWHERE….Seahawk Fans.  SWARMS of them!!!!

Seahawk Fan

Yes, we ran into this guy last night….not sure about her, maybe that’s why Marcia kept saying, “Look over there” and points to nothing…I say, “What, what is it?”…and she replies, “Oh, nothing dear”…Marcia probably saw this gal coming the other way and didn’t want my eyes to wander.  (NOTE: SF 3  SEA 0 on scoreboard Winking smile )


We did go into town and got our laundry done, and had lunch at a real good Mexican Restaurant called Las Maracas Mexican Restaurant.  The food was real, real good.  Marcia had a Seafood Chile Relleno, I had a Burrito, Enchilada Plate with a side of Tamale (because we both wanted to try a Tamale).  We brought food home, so that made room for desert…a Sopapilla.  So now we are stuffed from last night and today’s lunch.  Disappointed smile

Seahawk Fan Fest and 2015 Season Kick-off Celebration

While driving around town we kept running into Seahawk this and Seahawk that.  There was SO MUCH going on.   From this advertisement of the weekend we now know why…this is probably the biggest Seahawk event in the state!

Last night our Waiter kind of put himself into a bit of a “Pickle”.  I told him that I am a 49er fan and he said, “Wasn’t that a great game last year at Thanksgiving?”   So let me see…you are reminding me, a 49er fan, that the Seahawks beat the Niners, more like killing the Niners, last year at Thanksgiving and you expect me to tip you now?   Well, he was just a 21 year old kid, so I did not hold it against him…but if I had a weapon, I don’t know if he would be breathing right now!

Seahawk 12th Player Flag

So they have these flags all over the place…in the Casino, all over town, and our neighbor has one on his motorhome (as do a few others).  It finally dawned on me what they were for….you see, the Seahawks can only count to ten as long as someone gives them a hint for the first two numbers.  So they have these flags with a “one” and a “two” and from there the average Seahawk fan is on their own to get up to ten.  Open-mouthed smile  (you know what they say about payback)

Quinault Beach Resort & Casino RV Parking

The casino asks all the RVers to park in this gravel, dusty area…...and most do.  The have very wide lines, we can almost get the slide out, and the car parked next to it all within the lines.  After coming back from laundry I parked like this to make it easier to get the clothes inside.  Our immediate neighbor has no slide, so there is plenty of room….and when we got here, there was NO ONE near us…five empty spots each way.

Quinault Beach Resort & Casino RV Parking

THEY all came to park by us, with many empty spaces to park elsewhere…but this area is one of the more level areas, so I totally understand. (wish I had a 49er flag).

Quinault Beach Resort & Casino RV Parking     Quinault Beach Resort & Casino RV Parking

I wonder how full this place would be on a regular weekend? 

Sunset over Ocean Shores, Quinault Beach Resort & Casino

Just our luck to come on a Seahawk weekend, at least it ended with a descent sunset…tomorrow we move on south.


  1. Oooooh.......You 49'ers need to head back South........

    1. Good thing about football...there is always next year...which is just about to start. It will be a fun, interesting season.

    2. Oh brother, nothing worse than running into a football week-end anywhere. Glad you found a place to stay. Lime green is apparently the thing. Good thing your 49ers fans, the sea hawk fans might have tried to dress you up too,

    3. Good luck getting this Niner fan into green...and Marcia who is a die hard Bear fan. Yes, it could have been very full, it was hard enough dealing with it over half full. :)

  2. We were in a restaurant the other day when the Seahawks were playing Ron's team. Every time the Broncos did something good, Ron would say, Yes! I was afraid we were going to be thrown out. Funny, for all their talk of the 12th man, the stadium looked half empty and they were advertising season tickets for sale. Ron says the only way to get Broncos tickets is to have them willed to you.

    1. Well, preseason games are hard or people to pay so much for, just to watch newbies play since the regulars play very little until the last two preseason games. But you are right, judging from the person who posted a comment first, their fans are a bit strange....


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