Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Five Days Left, Five Busy Days

It has been a busy, busy nine days, and we have a busier five days to go before we hit the road again.  Basically the motorhome is ready to go, except for one last large Grocery buy, and we are replacing the accordion style shower curtain with a “sticks and bricks” style water repellant fabric shower liner.  The only issue is that we have a 30 inch gap, and the shortest pole to go across the area is was 32 inches.  Well, that was easily fixed by Arny who shortened down the pole by a few inches and it easily fits.  Tomorrow I plan to remove the accordion door and put up the new shower curtain.  I did the same thing in my 5th wheel some eight years ago.
As for the grocery buy, we need to have most of our stuff for around two weeks until we get near Salt Lake City….although we can shop at a Smiths in Cedar City around the 10th.  In anticipation of the big buy, I have rearranged stuff to make room under the bed, and cleaned and arranged the pantry which now has nearly three free shelves.   Marcia has been busy making and freezing some soups and chili.  I kind of regard this as a dress rehearsal for when we travel through Canada to Alaska next year.
Yesterday I went down to Oakland to visit my oldest son Michael who had recently returned from Washington D.C. from a summer internship. Thursday he starts back at Berkley for his final year.  We had a nice visit, and he is doing well.

Today I went by my brother Bob’s work to say goodbye to him.  His life is very busy and very complicated right now, but he is handling everything well.


Today is my sister Sandy’s birthday, and tomorrow it is Arny’s birthday…we are all taking them out Saturday night to Claim Jumper.  For dinner tonight Marcia made her wonderful Egg/Grits/Sausage/Bacon casserole….it was awesome.  First time she included bacon.


My brother Roger dropped by a few days ago.  We found out that he and his wife Rochelle will be in Nevada right along our route….right smack in the middle of Nevada.  It is kind of “out of this world”, if you know what I mean….if not, you will when I post that interesting blog around the 7th or 8th of September.


Tomorrow my daughter Stephanie is driving through from Salt Lake with her roommate and good friend Jenny on their way to the Bay Area for the weekend.  She will stay the night at Grandma’s house Thursday night, go to lunch with all of us Friday before they head out. We plan to see her in Utah when we stay at Lake Jordanelle.  

Somewhere in all this I also plan to give the dogs one more grooming and cleaning.  Have one last dump using the blue tote and it goes back into retirement until our return next fall after our Alaska trip.  And we have a bunch of laundry that needs to be done which we were holding off until right before we leave because it will be ten or more days before we can do it again.
Most likely my next posting will be coming from the Yosemite area…what a way to start a long trip with a visit and drive through Yosemite!


  1. Getting ready to travel to more remote areas is tough work for sure! Yes, I would say Yosemite is a wonderful way to start your trip:) Travel safely and enjoy!

    1. Yosemite will always have a special place in my heart, having been there many times from younger, youthful days to my adult years. I always look forward to it.

  2. Boy Brothers, sister, son, daughter. You guys have been very busy. Eating my heart out over Yosemite. You lucky thing.

    1. I find a true renewal of my soul at Yosemite.....just love the place. This will be Marcia's second visit, first time to the high country and to Mariposa Grove, however. Wish we had more time there, but this will be nice. Sure have been enjoying your Rocky Mountain National Park adventure.


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