Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hail, Snow Beads, Cold, but Laundry is Done


We left for the laundry mat around 10:30, perhaps 11:00 am.  Figured it would get a bit warmer, and was hoping that the laundry mat was going to be slow and empty.  As we left Fort Bridger and headed to Lyman, it started to snow little snow beads.  But not far out of town it started to hail.  As we got to Lyman, it was back to light snow beads again, so I hurried Marcia into the laundry mat…and by the time I got all the laundry stuff in the hail was hurting my uncovered legs.  (yes, I had short pants on, it is May for goodness sakes, and I love shorts!)  Above is the results of the snow/hail.  By the time we got done, it was all melted.

2a   2b

After we got back with the laundry, I went for a quick, short ride.  To the left was the weather to the east, on the right was the weather to the west.  There are “large hills” hidden behind those clouds on the right.


With weather like this, and temps in the high thirties, this is all we saw of Fort Bridger.  Perhaps another time.  According to Wikipedia, Fort Bridger was originally a Fur Trading Post, established back in 1842, established by Mountain Man Jim Bridger.  It was a supply point for the Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, and a major Pony Express station, and eventually it was an Army Fort.


There are some authentic buildings, a museum, and they hold the yearly Fort Bridger Rendezvous (since the 1970’s), a celebration of the fur-trade era that existed in the 19th century. 

4a    4b

The ominous skies around the RV Park meant we were staying inside for the rest of the day…. unless we decide to go back to the Mexican Restaurant we went to last night…..that sure was good.


  1. We drove through some snow today too. Ron called it snow pellets. That was a first for us.

    1. Had I gone to my Dr. Apt on Tuesday, we would have been driving through this stuff we had today on Thursday "with" the motorhome....thanks goodness we made the right choice. Might have a little stuff tomorrow, but it shouldn't be too bad.

  2. SNOW? Oh my goodness you are going in the wrong direction. :-)

    1. Will be in warm/hot weather in another two does not get to pick where their children live...

  3. You are my third blogger today that saw snow. Not a good thing for May.

    1. Yep, this is one of those uncommon May storms going through....just glad it hit on our "off" day and not on a travel day.

  4. That's a beautiful header picture you have Dave!
    Snow? Cold? Hail? Shorts? All sounds like a bad sure has been strange!
    It's not even 7:00 am here and the mention of Mexican food still makes my mouth water...

    Have a great day!


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