Friday, April 11, 2014

Have an Itch,Then Itch it


Is this 28' 2005 Dynamax Isata 280 with 26,000 miles our traveling home for the future?  We should know next week after we make a quick (or not so quick) trip to Texas for a visit to PPL Motors, where we got out first motorhome back in 2011. 

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Yesterday (Thursday) we went to Tampa to Lazydays to look at a BT Cruiser and a Phoenix Cruiser.  We liked the Phoenix Cruiser better than the BT Cruiser, but the Phoenix Cruiser has some serious paint issues on the drivers side….it looked like either it was too near a fire, or it was parked where the sun reflected off a “mirrored glass building” and melted some of the paint….yes, melted.  I was ashamed of Lazydays for having such a vehicle up on their website for $65,168  (yes, that price with the mark out) and then “Contact Lazydays for Even More Discounts and Benefits”.  Did they, at one point, really think someone would buy it for that “old price” in this type of condition???  Makes you wonder….and again, if you have a website, ADVERTISE your asking price.  This is not rocket science here.


On our way home from Tampa we heard from Blue Sky’s insurance adjuster.  We sent our signed title to them today, and we should have a check issued next week, with one on it way for personal property loss already.  We are satisfied with the outcome.  Once home we called PPL, and found out someone had put an offer in for the Isata we have been looking at for the last week or so, just a few hours earlier that same morning.  What a let down.  So we planned a trip to Jacksonville to see another Phoenix Cruiser and a Forest River Lexington GTS for today….then I told Marcia that since we had to get the title in the mail, and my emotions were all twisted up after seeing that Isata slip through our fingers that I wanted to wait until after Church on Sunday to head to Jacksonville, stay the night and come back home on Monday.  

As believers we have relied upon prayer to help us through this entire endeavor.  It has brought us peace and comfort…and today we feel blessed when the previous prospective buyers of the Isata pulled out of the deal when the owner would not come down on the price.  Now I had done extensive research on this, and we both felt that the price being asked was a fair price.  So as I awaited one final communication from the Blue Sky adjuster I called PPL to check on the status of the Isata…and low and behold, they had pulled their offer because the owner would not come down any further.  (Remember, nearly all of the RV’s at PPL are on consignment).  So we got an email application for putting up earnest funds on our credit card, and after church on Sunday we are headed west.  Do we have to buy it, no.  Do we want to buy, we sure hope so.  Will it need a little work, yes, but not much, and put what possible work it needs together with the price and we will be a few thousand under what the insurance company is going to pay us just for the loss of the Jayco if we do go ahead with the sale.


  1. Yeah Dave and Marcia! I just knew everything would work out! Safe travels to Texas....and good luck!

    1. Well, it sure puts the ball into our glove for now. All indications are that this motorhome is in real good shape. I asked the salesman over the phone if he had been inside of it, he said that he could not remember being inside of he said he would go and give it a good look through. He called back a half hour later, said it really is in good shape, with just a few flaws that sure don't seem to be game busters for us. Of course, I will need to look under it, in the engine compartment, etc. If we decide to get it, they will give it a pre-delivery check out, then show us how it all works. If something does not check out, they give owner an opportunity to fix it, and us an opportunity to back out of it if owner does not fix it....or we can take with the flaw and get it fixed (or pay them to fix it) ourselves.

  2. Great news:) Sure hope all works out for you and Marcia. It really isn't too late to still make that trip to Alaska. Even with a few shake down trips, you never know when or if anything is going to need service. I am feeling Alaska is calling your name this spring and summer!

    1. There is no doubt that we could go to Alaska, but I would rather go after having lived and used whatever we get for at least six months or so, which by that time is way to late to consider going up there. I think that Utah and Colorado might just be the right place to go, along with a visit or two to the California family.

  3. Please know I will continue to pray. Blessings, Lynn

  4. Good luck tomorrow. I always believe what happens is God's will - I know some people don't like that, but we don't know the whole plan. I hope the motor home is just what you want, and that you drive it home. That would be so great! :)


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